The Northlands

The Northlands Saga Campaign takes place in a land that has seen nothing but War for many years. Situated in the land of Ebberon a place known for conflict, strife and political intrigue.

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The campaign will see the rise of a group of stalwart adventurers as their exploits build them a reputation and unite the people of the Five Nations against the greatest threat Khorvaire has ever faced.

Their names will be written into the history of the land alongside Galifar the First, as legends that time will never forget.

The background to the campaign is the ending of the Last War, a 100 year long struggle, pitting five nations against each other, Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, Cyre, Thrane.

Only two years before the start of this story, the now peaceful towns and cities of the land were engulfed in a savage battle for control over the main continent on Ebberon called Khorvaire. The lives of everyone on Khorvaire became impacted by the conflict. It took an event of global magnitude called The Mourning to bring the leaders of all the great Dragonmarked Houses and nations to table, to forge a brittle peace. TheTreaty of Thronehold still took two years to arrange, and is far from perfect but remains in force still today.

The land still bristles with military structures and magical fortifications, alliances hold by a thread and peace reigns but who knows for how long.

It is set against this background that the party of adventurers find themselves thrust into the politics of kings. With no real reason for their capture the group are kidnapped by mercenary Orc raiders. From that point on no ones life will ever be the same again.

The Northlands Saga

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