The Northlands Saga

Session 10

The Stones guardian

N1 Start Time

10:00am following the investigation of the books in the refurbished chapel area.


The party decides to move back to the Forest and take a days rest. On the way the party notice a group of Goblins fighting Kobolds, this distracts the Goblins and the party manages to slip past the fight unnoticed.

After using the Make Camp Ritual the party begin a days rest and recuperation to recover from the previous days battles. Cleitus slips into his recuperating trance and keeps aware for the safety of the party. He notices that through the night pigs come truffeling, he keeps his calm and decides not to start a fight or raise the warning. The party wakes at 10:00pm using a second ritual component another Make Camp is conjured till 6:00am the next morning when the party eat and break camp.


The party take the skill challenge and pass it with ease. They perform each test and pass with net scores above 20 for each part of the challenge parts. The Dragon was so impressed he offers the stone to the group with complete confidence.

The party then head towards the manor house with Cleitus up front. (Passes three checks inc Stealth, Perception and Insight)

Cleitus sees three groups of Goblins attacked by a v large group of Kobolds. the party then makes their assault on the Manor House.


The party defeat the Goblins and Hobgoblin Leader Hu-Jat, The fight starts with the house only guarded by two small Goblin Grunts. Then after the group move to engage a booming voice is heard shouting abuse at the adventurers. Hu-Jat strides forward on his Drake mount and begins to charge players at random. The start of the fight went well for Hujat with his Drake causing massive damage to Tordek. This was if though for the rest of the encounter, and crit after crit followed by good roll after better and the main protagonist with his mount were but bodies in the dust. Vanquished by the liberators of the Stone!

Tordek was knocked unconscious at one point but his resilience was un diminished and he stood next turn to fight again.

The combat took 5 rounds or 5 minutes and the party searched the bodies for loot but found nothing of significance.

Rage Drakes Protect their Owners, Loud mouthed Hobgoblins are not all they seem cracked up to be, beware running Goblin Warriors they are sneaky
N5 Knowledge Learned

The text of the page found in the expensive looking book suggested a crown is real and more investigation should be done regarding its whereabouts.

N6 Action Points

Player Character Action points Remaining
Tagar 0
Tordek 0
Vol 0
Cleitus 0


Dara 1
Macros 1

N7 Money Bags

Copper Found 0
Silver Found 0
Gold Found 0
Platinum Found 0

Party Treasury 853gp

N8 Loot

No New Loot today


+1 Acrobat Boots
Ancient Book of Great Value
Handwritten Page inside the Ancient Book
+1 Agile Armour
Wand of Cold
+1 Bastard Sword
Teardrop Gem
Valuable Book
Holy Text
Illuminated Manuscript
Satin Cushion

N9 Time of Day


N10 Ammunition Count

No ammunition was expend

N11 Skills & Powers

List of Daily Powers used since last Extended Sleep

Tagar Ironshield = Action Point

Tordek = Shield of Faith

Vol = NONE

Cleitus = Targeted for Death

N12 Food and Drink

Foraging Activities this session 0 Days Foraged

Total Days of Rations Left 1

N13 Encumbrance

The Current Encumbrance for Each character is:

Tagar Ironshield = 12/15
Tordek = 4/12
Vol = 3/11
Cleitus = 4/11


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