The Northlands Saga

Session 14

The Final Showdown

The Story Continues:
The party having dealt with the leader of the Goblins decided to check out the Kiris Mansion for signs of any remaining magical artefacts the town was originally fames for.

While searching the lower floors of the mansion the group came across a Frightened Thiefling Warrior who was unable to eat and drink and could not express himself well. When asked he seemed nervous but agreed to join the party as it seemed he was not doing well by himself. He seemed to smile in the right places and when questioned his answers seemed true. But after a short period of rest his motives became unclear and the group decided to part company with him.

Other points of interest in the Mansion included numerous potions and some Collection coin from an abandoned Church.

With the Slaying stone in hand and a bunch of new potions the party set off for Treonas house. On the way movement was spotted in the light undergrowth bordering the road which skirts the town centre. Cleitus investigated it and the party were ambushed by a large band of Orc Mercenary’s. Surprise was not with the Orcs as Cleitus had pre warned the group of their position. That said the size of the Orcs did spell trouble.
With a guttural snarl the Orc Leader Vox launched himself at the group, supported by an Orc Slasher two Orc Bludgeoners and an Orc Wolf Shaman.
The fight lasted a full five minutes with the party emerging victorious. The leader of the Orcs had gone down quickly which had disheartened the others. The Wolf Shaman was the only one who caused trouble with his Ghost Wolf attack and forked lightning.
After the attack the party searched for any evidence of their contract which they found in the form of a Letter instructing the Orcs to recover the slaying stone. It was written by a man called Dreus Martrand. The note described the adventurers and also the stone. It told the Orcs to retrieve it at all cost but not to antagonise the locals to much.

With this evidence the party now knows the person responsible for both the Attack on Kiris Dahn and the employer of the Orcs.

Its time we head back to see Treona” Vol exclaimed and the group began the half day journey to her Tower.

The Journey was uneventful with the party arriving just before sundown. Everyone was tired but Treona’s hearty welcome gave the group renewed energy. She expressed how thankful she was at the return of the stone and how much she had worried about the group’s safety. Kiris Alkirk agreed with her and they both laid on a feast to remember. After the meal and a few drinks, Tagar IronShield shoed Treona the Expensive manuscript and asked if she could translate it or at least confirm its authenticity. Treona appologised saying her knowledge of ancient Goblin left a lot to be desired. She did say that an old Friend of her’s in Cumry may be able to help. The party were instructed to seek out Arcanist Crowther who is an ex resident of Kiris Dahn once a great scholar in the town now retired. She offered the party her seal and said he may be a bit grumpy. Kiris Alkirk then added that the text of the Manuscript looked legit but only a language expert will be able to say for sure. He also made a comment about Dreus Matrand, he told the party he was an ex resident of Kris who was thrown out of town because of his dealing with the Goblins, he was last known to be involved with the Orcs of Stonefang Pass somewhere in Khorvaire. He is the most likely suspect for the invasion and the theft of the stone could have been catastrophic for the leaders of any human settlement he decided to invade.
The Next day Treona offered to train someone in two Rituals for free as he specialised knowledge of ritual casting allowed her to build up a good knowledge in a wide range of rituals. Tordek the Cleric being the only ritual caster in the group selected Water Walk and Gentle Repose rituals to learn. The party rested for the morning and set off for Cumry the same afternoon.

The Journey to Cumry was difficult, the party had no map and only one person remembered the route. So with a few mishaps here and there the group set a reasonably straight course for the town. On the way the group did find time for a little bit of Kobold slaughter when two Alchemist Kobolds who had trapped their basement workshop attacked the party. Unfortunately for them after a week of solid combat the party had both physical and mental skill enough to deal with their orbital trinkets, and fire breathing antics.

Following this small skirmish the party made good progress and arrived in Cumry the next morning. After short visit to the local Temple to Palor with Tordek the party set to the task of buying and selling their loot. The group sold all their items for 529gp adding to their existing 872gp and purchased additional items totalling 1367gp leaving a balance of 34gp and some silver.

  • +1 Holy Symbol
  • +1 Cobra Strike Ki-Focus
  • Various Reagents for Rituals
  • 5 Potions of Healing
  • 20 Rations of Food

The party also engaged some local kids and informed them who they were and what they had been doing. The kids amazed by the party’s story ran off with a few silvers in their pockets. The party then looked to confirm information about the ware bouts of Arcanist Crowther with the Town Crier. His information cost a few silvers but did confirm the location the kids have given earlier. Time ticking on the party left for the Old Watermill on the outskirts of town.

The location of the watermill took the group past a common town location, the well, unfortunately for Cleitus an ex girlfriend of his was filling her buckets there at the time and his stealth check to avoid her was simply not good enough as he stumbled over his own cape and fell sprawling into the road in front of her! _"Cleitus you swine! where have you been she cried? “Not far dearest”! _Cleitus sheepishly answered “Well its time we sorted out a few ground rules to our relationship” she shouted “Pissing off for a week without so much as a buy your leave, is no foundation for a future marriage”and with a quick slap she dragged Cleitus off to her home for what can only be described in polite company as corrective punishment. The rest of the party continued on to the Arcanists House.

When they arrived they found the house occupied but no one answered the door. Only buy showing Treonas Seal did the group elicit any response from the Arcanist. He ushered the party into his home, an old watermill converted into a book museum with toms from far and wide adorning the shelves. The party introduced themselves and explained what had led them here. They showed the man the Ancient Book and hand written manuscript found in the Goblin Town and explained what Treona had said about its authenticity. Crowther then spent two full hours looking at the book, reading the manuscript and referencing an ancient text he had removed from his shelf earlier. Finally his face showed signs of excitement and a youthful glow had come across his features. “This could be legitimate but I am also not sure” he explained “The text looks like ancient Goblin or Hobgoblin, from a time long past”. “It seems to be written in a variant of Goblin not now seen and only hinted at in my book on the subject”. He then suggests to the party they travel to a large city on the continent of Khorvaire called Sharn of the City of Towers! it will be a long journey but one that may lead to a great discovery should the text be true. His instruction are to travel to Seawatch Port down the river from Cumry then get a ship to Sharn from there. Sharn sits at the head of the Dagger River in a area called Breland. When they get there he told the party to look for another ex resident of Kiris Dahn called Arcanist Solnyn he has access to the University in Sharn and its wealth of research material on the subject.


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