The Northlands Saga

Session 15

Bug Hunt!

After resting up following the journey to Cumry and discussion with Arcanist Crowther, the party met up with Cleitus again and looked for a River boat captain to ferry them to Cumry.

A short search proved fruitful and a small transport ship was boarded for the journey.

After two uneventful days the party arrived in Seawatch, a small port to the north part of the island complex which acts as the main trade route to the continent of Khorvaire.

Some time later the party had a name of a Capitan McAndrew who sails the sea taking cargo from the Northlands to Sharn the City of Towers. After a short search and a bit of bluffing the party met with McAndrew and his small crew of hard nosed deck hands. One of which showed signs of disease and seemed unsteady on his feet.

The party engaged McAndrew in conversation that went well on the whole and led to an offer of transport to Sharn. The price seemed expensive and Tordek offered to heal the crewman as part of the payment. McAndrew quickly agreed and Tordek took his healing kit out setting to work on the man’s fever. Unfortunately the powders Tordek administered caused the crewman to enter a coma and the loose all sign of life. The stupid crew did not realise the significance of the man condition and with an apology for being able to help and an offer of 10gp for passage the captain agreed to overlook his friends change in circumstance.

The next day the party set off for Sharn.

A weeks travel later and the ship docked in the harbour of Sharn, everyone passed a test for Skinrot disease then left the ship looking for Arcanist Solnyn the man who Crowther recommended as the best authority on Ancient Goblin writings.

As soon as the party reached Sharn they were approached by a Wizard by the name of Fraglock

After some traveling time in Sharn taking in the amazing sights of the towers and streets that give the City of Towers its name the group found Morgraive University where the Scholar teaches, only to be told he was no longer in the employ of the University. His address was handed over though so the party agreed to look elsewhere. As the party were about to leave they were approached by a mysterious looking human with a bald head and magical markings on his face.
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_"Excuse me adventurers but I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation then, am I correct in thinking you also are looking for Arcanist Solnyn?"? “Who is asking” " Tagar responded enquiringly. “Let me introduce myself, my name is Fraglock, I am what may be termed as a Wizard in some circles, a summoner in others and a Mage in yet more”! “I was sent here to Sharn to seek knowledge from my teachers old friend Arcanist Solnyn”. but listening to your conversation I am not going to find him here. I am new to the City, as I believe you are also, so I thought It would be worthwhile tagging along with you to find the Arcanist and get an explanation as to what is going on. My teachings would require me to have access to the University’s resources but if he is no longer in their employ , I am not sure how I will benefit from his acquaintance"!

The party agreed to allow Fraglock to tag along and the group set off for the Arcanist’s residence. The supervisor gave his address in the Middle Dura, a section of the City called Tumbledown.

After tiring trip through the streets and a number of stops to get directions, the group arrived at the Tumbledown district, a tenement area of the city with, catering to low paid workers and older retired citizens. His address was easy to find from the entrance to the district, after a 10 minute walk the party were knocking on his door.

Solnyn opened the door and greeted the party, Treonas Seal was used as proof of the party’s credibility and Fraglock was introduced alongside the party;s other members. Solnyn was at a loss to explain his dismissal from the University but an insight check into his story’s made it clear a relationship with a Student was at the heart of the issue. After he apologizes to everyone for their wasted journey he asked to look at the ancient manuscript and book the party hold, and exclaimed he was surprised such a book could be found outside the Walls of this City, he was not totally sure of its contents but from his experience it looked like the old writings of the Dhakaani, a race of Goblins that built its city on the location of Sharn thousands of years ago.

He stated that the University would be the only place this could be fully examined and that the party would need to impress the Custodians at the University some how, if they wanted to get in and use its extensive reference books. He suggested speaking to an acquaintance of his in the Tain Foundry, a Gruff spoken Dwarf Foreman called Molric Torranol. He has been plagued by so called “Flying Kruthiks” recently and if evidence of them could be found and presented to a representative of the university then they may be able to influence the powers to allow the party in to do some research. With no other means of getting access to the reference material of the University the group decided to give it a try. Fraglock asked thew group if he could join them as his plans for research seem to have taken a sharp turn, leaving him at a bit of a loose end. Everyone agreed and the group set off to the Cogs district to find Molric and inquire about his “Infestation”

After travelling for over two hours and the heat of the lower levels of the city growing ever more uncomfortable everyone was relieved to find the Foundry. After inquiring about the Foreman the group were directed to meet him at the “Slag Pit” Tavern in an hour. The party agreed and made there way there, an hour later and Molric introduced himself and a Hobgoblin Priest by the name of Olaakki. They offered the party a commission to stop the infestation of Kruthiks that had caused both the Foundry and the Hobgoblins Worshipers so much trouble recently. Olaakki told the group he had offered part of the reward money to Molric as his flock were suffering and he had information on the location of the Infestation. After some negotiation they agreed to pay the party 150gp for the destruction of the Hive and the proof it was all over. They both confirmed that Kruthiks with Wings had been spotted in the attacks on both sets of workers and worshipers.

The party were given a map showing the location of the suspected infestation, and a a grateful thanks from both employers. After following the map for an hour the party descended deeper and deeper into the Cogs district of the city, the lowest part that can be accessed without entering the Lava structures that power the great Warforged Furnaces. Once the group arrived at the entrance it was noted that Geometric Symbols could be seen on the walls and a smell of Vinegar could be sensed from the caverns ahead. Walking slowly on everyone was on their guard. The light of the tunnels turned from the yellowy glow of Fraglocks Light Cantrip to the bright light of a series of hovering Motes magically conjured to give the tunnel illumination.

Suddenly the group came to a point in the Tunnel that opened up into a large underground Room, in it they could see dead Kruthik bodies strewn around the floor and Goblin made arrows embedded in their lifeless carcasses. Vinegar small was strong all around when without warning an Adult Kruthik attacked from the west of the room out of a tunnel sprouting from the floor.

A fight then ensued in which Fraglocks Storn Pillar proved too much to handle for the Insects and wave after wave of them dies at the killing ground just before the entrance to the Room.

With the fight over the party await to search the room for clues to the infestation and evidence of the Flying Menace.


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