The Northlands Saga

Session 22

A Road Well Traveled

The party having found work with the Kings Citadel in Sharn push on to Andev on a wondrous feat of engineering a flying boat.

Still shocked at the apparent motiveless murder of Gydd Nephrett at Morgraive university, everyone cautiously avoided both unwarranted attention aboard the vessel and unnecessary contact with other passengers.

The journey to Andev took 1 uneventful day, the refreshed party now disembarked the ship and began the long arduous journey to the Six kings in pursuit of the Keech Volar.


The journey to six kings will take the party approximately one week, the countryside in this part of Breland is taxing, and everyone feels the effects of the heat and exposure, making endurance checks to keep going at a decent pace.

Day 2 of the journey was particularly tiring and three party members fell foul to exposure and dehydration slowing the party considerably.

Day 3 found the group walking alongside a shallow stream that follows the trade rout for a few kilometers. With Cleitus taking a point position the party approached a group of men interrogating a lone Goblin prisoner. His captors using threats of violence and the occasional punch to extract what information they wanted from their victim.

Not taking any chances as soon as the party were spotted the human members of the Emerald Claw diverted their attention to the party.

The party were clearly too well organised for the fanatic’s, of the Claw and overpowered them quickly in the ensuing brawl. The captive Goblin was released and questioned about his purpose on the road.

After initially denying any contact with or knowledge of the Wordbearers, he finally confessed to being their scout and agreed to lead them forward to meet with the group near the entrance to the Six kings.

The party gathered the Goblins belongings and set off for the rendezvous point.

As the road wound on and on in the heat of the sun the party again made endurance checks to keep themselves hydrated and group walking pace at a decent speed.

To also ensure that cover is used when needed and that camping sites are safe from prying eyes Nature checks were undertaken every other day, with great success. No unwarranted attention either in the day or at night troubled the players.

Four days into the journey, and with no contact on the road the party heard the sound of Battle Horns ahead. Initial suggestions were that raiders from Droaam were operating in the area. Possibly originating from the Minotaur stronghold of Turakbar’s Fist near Greywall.

Later that day, while Cleitus was scouting ahead the group were alerted to the presence of a Gnoll hiding in ambush on top of a rocky outcropping. On further investigation by the Assassin a group of other creatures could be seen moving round a campfire further up the trail.

Acting on Cleitus’s information the party sprung their own trap and engaged the bandits before they had time to organize, gaining a round of surprise in the process.

The Gnoll scout was dispatched by Cleitus who used a shadow power to lasso the Gnoll, choke him and drag him to his death at the base of his rocky lookout. The rest of the party then moved into attack positions along the road some way. The Warrior in the part advanced first but was surprised by two Orc marauders who sprung from cover to flank him. His defenses working on to some extent as the crazed creatures rained blow after blow to him bringing his close to unconsciousness on two occasions.

The rest of the group then engaged a spell-caster who had targeted Fraglock. Frags skin was lashed with pain from a necrotic spell that cursed and writhed under the surface of his flesh, round after round causing internal bleeding and damage to his coronary system. Fraglocks response was limited , as a controller his powers are more to annoy the enemy rather than devastate an individual foe. Once Frag did get his burning Orb into combat this started to change for the better, as the ongoing proximity damage of the flaming sphere did begin to cause the ambushers cause for concern.

Todeks involvement in the fight was noticeably less than in his presence when undead are around. Is attacks were missing and his support was really only in the form of healing. That alone though helped Tagar stay in the fight on more than one occasion. Tordeks final embarrassment though came with a fumble in the face of adversity!

Cleitus controlled his urge to kill by stealthily moving into battle were his attacks caused most damage and felled a further Gnoll with a well placed blow from his magical greatsword.

Vol the Warlock did what he normal does and build damage constantly from afar, cursing his foes and Rebuking them with fire, moving in and out of the material plane with his ethereal stride and making himself difficult to catch.

The battle ended with the party chasing off the last Orc who was dispatched in the back with a clever xbow shot by Cleitus who surprised himself with his own accuracy. Looking round after for praise by the group Cleitus noticed the absence of the Goblin scout.


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