The Northlands Saga

Session 23

And the road goes ever on

Seekers of the Ashen Crown

23-08-11 Game Session Notes

1) Start Time:

Following the fight with the Minotaur the day started at 12:30pm It took a further 20 minutes to search the area and take a short rest so at 13:00pm the part set off along the trade road again.

2) The Goblin Scout:

Once the fight with he Bandits was over the Goblin scout was no where to be seen. It was felt he had most probably headed back to warn the Wordbearers of the part’s movements

3) Skill challenge:

Two skill challenge test’s were made to check the party’s ability to endure the hot conditions, and find suitable water and sleeping location for the nights rest. The party failed more times than it succeeded in the endurance test, and therefore failed one of the checks, this gives the party 3 passes and two failures. It then passed the Nature test bringing it up to four passes and two failure. One more failure will end in a failed challenge or two more passes will complete it.

4) Movement in the Woods:

While the party rested a large black shape was seen moving through the area but it did not seem to be interested in the camp. Could have been a close shave?

5) Food:

Four Daily rations should be deducted from the party total.

6) Daily Magic Item usage:

The limit of one daily magic item usage has been lifted in favour of a Cap on the number of certain quality items a PC should be allowed:

Rare = 1 item per character per Tier can only be found, not bought or made
Uncommon = 50% of a characters items could be uncommon, found only purchase is very difficult.
Common = the rest, purchasable and PC can own any amount

7) Cautious advance:

Next morning the party set out early, Cleitus took up a scouting position at the head of the party and moved on in shade form. His careful approach paid off when following tracks into a wooded copse, he glimpsed sight of a planned ambush ahead. Unfortunately his luck then ran out and accidentally stepping on a partridge nest he alerted the Emerald Claw to his presence. He then tried to move slowly back into the cover of the woods, only to stumble into a rabbit hole and fall prone for a turn. This gave the element of surprise away.

8) Emerald Claw Ambush:

The rest of the party moved to the edge of the woods and a encounter between an Emerald Claw unit and the party commenced. The party took up good positions and controlled the fight well.

a. Cleitus recovered from his gaff and engaged the claw using stealth & cunning. His attacks were well placed apart from Darkfire which missed again! He engaged some Claw soldiers then focused his attention on a Caster who cautiously stood at the back. His position was compromised at one point when the caster pulled him and Tordek forward with a spell that dragged them towards it hypnotic centre. Eventually he joined the Flaming Conjuration of Fraglock, and defeated the Caster.
b. Tagar again took some hits but his invigoration and timely intervention by Tordek kept his life in reasonable condition. The main leader in this fight was a Captain Warwick who seemed to bark order out to his men that both inspired and invigorated them at the same time. Tagar’s reaction to this was to mark and control his movement. Only after Captain Warwick has goaded Tagar into an attack of opportunity that led to an immediate interrupt that punished Tagar for his opportunism.
c. Tordek closed on the enemy this fight and provided a mix of both reasonable damage and good healing at the right time. His use of the Daily power Shield of faith saved more than a few people from much worse damage.
d. Fraglock took up a good position at the back of the group and summoned his Flaming Peanut of Fiery Wrath! Only to be dealt two massive blows from well placed Xbow bolts (2 x Crits 24 Damage) in one turn. This did not deter the magician who shrugged off such piffling flesh wounds and continued to move his conjuration from from creature to creature consistently burning them for staying to close. Unfortunately his dice rolling created a zone of despair around him leaving his friends moaning and praying for the return of card games! With no dice!
e. Vol found himself in a great position in this fight, his distance from the front lines allowed him the opportunity to pick and choose his foes. Cursing his enemy’s he brought fiery destruction down on each of his targets. Most attacks were successful, his Cloud of flies disrupting the Captain and causing him to offer combat advantage to all. His consistent damage provided the firepower the group needed to keep the large party of ambushers under constant attack.

Eventually the group emerged victors after chasing down the last fleeing skirmisher who had been using a Tree as cover. Searching the bodes took a further 10 minutes in which time the following items were found:

• Healing Potion
• Astral Fire Armour
Astral armour
• 5 x Alchemists acid
• 30Gp
• 6 × 25gp Gems

Comments made by Captain Warwick throughout the fight seemed to point towards his motivation for the confrontation being Ashurtas Blade, as he made constant reference to wanting it.

It Seems like he has been tipped off as to the party’s recent acquisition, and had made his mind up to steal the blade from the group. A fatal mistake that others may make in the future but who knows for sure.

Towards the end of the fight Goblin faces were seen in the woods watching the fight but soon disappeared once the contest was over and the onlookers spotted they had been seen. Who could they be? their markings were different to the last Goblin the party encountered.

9) Experience:

The party received 397XP for this encounter, 50 per higher level 197 for Fraglock. I need to make a note on the file, of the new party total

10) Party Gold:

I need to do a new total

11) Action Points:

Fraglock, Tordek, and Vol used their action points.

12) Plot Update:

The Quest for the pieces of the Ashen Crown continues, the party close on the Tombs of the Six Kings, the Goblin captive seems to have escaped to alert the [[|Wordbearers]], but was handled with caution and care so should not give too bad an account. The question is how will the Keech Volar react to the return of the scout? Captain Kales demanded the party come up with a story that will allow the group to join with the Wordbearers without giving away their mission for Breland, hopeful the Goblin will not scupper the groups plans. Can Tikulti the Kings Citadel spy sway the opinion of the Wordbearers enough to support the party’s attempt to join forces. After all its in everyone’s interest to see the Wordbearer Clan leading the Goblin nation on Khorvaire in the future, following the great war the people of the five nations would find it difficult mustering the strength to deal with a new threat from an organised motivated race of Goblinoids, Orcs, Hobgoblins and Half breads if the Bladebearers were to win the grasp for power.

It seems that Demise (Her Skullbourne Name) the Aereni Elf Noble woman has more contacts than first thought, with groups of the Emerald Claw working alongside her (as word on the street previously alluded to), either directly doing her bidding or working towards their leaders own goals how far does her reach extend? Moreover what are her future plans and who will be set against the party next to acquire their converted treasure?

13) Weather:

The time of year is making travel in the open on foot an endurance test, if the party had to fight more than once in a day suffering from failed endurance rolls it could make the encounter more difficult than is should be. Possibly look at mounts for future long distance travel.

14) End of the Session:

The session ended with the party taking a short rest at 20:30 following a long day on the march and a tiring fight with the Emerald Claw.

15) Quests: The party are on the following quests

Quest XP: 150 XP (minor quest) if the characters ally with the Kech Volaar.

Quest XP: 875 XP (major quest) if the adventurers acquire all the pieces of the Ashen Crown.


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