The Northlands Saga

Session 24

Rumble in the Mountains

h1. Seekers of the Ashen Crown

30-08-11 Game Session Notes

1) Start Time:

After walking nearly all day in the baking sun, looking for rations, and fighting off an Emerald Claw Ambush the party started this session at 8:30pm.

2) A Good Nights Rest:

The party checked the bodies of the fallen Claw Militia and found nothing of value so continued down the road looking for a suitable resting place which was found quickly by Tordek, with the help of Cleitus’s sharp Drow eyes.

3) Skill challenge:

The successful finding of a sleeping location in the tress not far from a water source earned the party one more success in the ongoing skill challenge. This puts the group on five successes and two failures just one more success to pass the challenge.

4) Hot & Dry:

Waking the next day after an uneventful night the party started on the road again, after a few hours of walking them arrived at a Vantage point where the first sight of Six Kings greeted them in the early morning haze. The heat was already taking its toll and by the noise of the crickets another long day in the road seemed on the cards.

5) Failed Negotiations:

As the party entered a ravine, deep in the Greywall mountains, they were stopped by a group of Goblins adorned in vaguely familiar tribal markings. Following an insight check by Tagar the markings show the group as a faction know as the Bladebearers. The party are already aware of these green skinned oiks they are the other main faction competing for dominance, of the Goblin races on Khorvaire. Information supplied to you my Captain Kales, says this group tend to behave in a more warlike way than the wordbearers a point proven when the group leader in a gruff no nonsense voice demanded the party turn back and hand over the Blade of Ashurta!

After a brief series of threats by Chib the Bladebearers leader, the party deemed the negotiations at an end when Cleitus shifted into Shade form and advanced menacingly towards them muttering things like “Enough Chit chat pox face” “Lets dance”!

The encounter took place in a steep sided ravine with the party starting on a road 5-10ft below the rest of the canyon. The raised areas of the ravine were strewn with large boulders, which the party found out later hid Goblin skirmishers, and Grunts.

Cleitus’s shift into shade form served two purposes, one was to intimidate and the other protect. The protection side of his ability found early reward when he was quickly hit for 24 damage by Chib and one of his Soldiers. Cleitus breathed a sigh of relief as his insubstantial nature had saved him from two severely debilitating attacks only taking half damage. Fraglock then stepped in to assist, with a wave of his staff and slight movement of his fingers streams of scintillating light overwhelmed the fragile minds of the goblins and drove them back from the assassins advance. Cleitus, recovering from the shock of the pinpoint Goblin attacks pointed his sword at Chib and began to conjure thoughts in his mind, an image of dark crackeling flame that leapt and danced on the very edge of consciousness, unfortunately Darkfire imagery being one of Cleitus’s weak points meant the brooding thoughts simply fizzled over to Chibs consciousness. Chib sniffed the air in anticipation of darker things to come, then realising the attack was without substance sniggered and moved in for the kill!

Next phase saw two sharpshooter Goblins emerging from cover to attack the group, both hitting Vol with well aimed bow shots, the nature of the attack catching Vol unawares, their position at the back moving in and out of cover as they did threatening to cause great damage if they were left unmolested.

In general This group of bushwhackers seemed to be more organised that the rabble the party have seen thus far and as Hobgoblins moved into flanking positions position the group sensed a more difficult challenge was on them.

With Chib hacking away at the front, Soldiers supporting his advance, Flankers moving into position and skirmishers moving to and from cover, Tordek felt it was time the Sovereign host got involved. He gripped his sword pointed it to the sun and while uttering a blessing to Dol Arrah he called upon his diety for divine aid! “Help us of Lord may the brilliance of your image bath the good and righteous with rays of sanctified protection” Dol Arrah responded by releasing the power of divine protection onto the party bathing everyone in the suns brilliance adding +2 to everyone’s AC, a bonus that saved the party on more than one occasion in this fight.

The quick stepping sharpshooters at the back found their mark attack after attack fortunately for the party one of them also found the steep slides of the sunken road to slippery and fumbled his attack. Slipping backwards, falling on his quiver, dropping his bow and leaving him winded! He sheepishly scrambled for the cover of a large boulder to recover.

Tordek again seeing his fellow party members becoming surrounded decided to invoke his Diety a second time. Pointing his sword to the sky and speaking the words of righteous blessing which he had learned in his monastic apprenteship, he called on Dol Arrah for a second time to heed his plea and empower his attacks with the Suns blinding magnificence. Again his calls were answered and his soul became imbued with divine power, his image casting a radiant aura for 5ft around his location, such was the brilliance of the suns radiance around Tordek, the light damaged all who opposed his will.

Bolstered by Tordeks prayers and seeing an opportunity to finish the job Cleitus targeted Chib for death and with one well placed surgically executed attack Chib fell silently to the floor unable to even scream for mercy, or soil his armour.

Tagar and Fraglock focused on the attackers at the front of the group taking them down slowly but surely, Fraglock using a Ray of Ice from his Staff froze a Hobgoblin in place! then sniggering to himself, while the creature used what little life it had left to shatter the ice engulfing its legs and arms, Frag’s comrade Tagar finished the job.

The party now started to get the upper hand, the Bladebearers without a leader seemed less organised, and the group dispatched the remaining creatures without much difficulty. Some healing was needed and Tordek proved up to the task, choosing Vol has his patient his skills as a battle healer eradicated Vols injuries.

The fight finished after 8 minutes of frantic activity, when the last skirmisher was hunted down behind a boulder and executed by a fast running nimble Cleitus who in one fluid motion sheathed his sword, equipped his crossbow and loaded it!

6) Where here to help!:

The party followed on up the road after searching the bodies of the dead Bladebearers, and after another hour came to the Entrance to the Six Kings as described by Captain Kales. In front of the entrance stood the Wordbearers, their leader Yeraa strode up and questioned the group about their presence. She also commented on their success under Sharn, what then followed was a skill challenge to persuade her that the group would be helpful in tracking down the other parts to the Ashen Crown. Through a series of Checks including History, Insight, Diplomacy, and Intimidation the party finally won her over, not without some help from the Goblin scout they had rescued earlier from the Emerald Claw. At the end of the parley the Kings Citadel agent Tikulti suggested to commemorate the alliance the two groups should hold a Sporting

7) Food:

2 Daily rations should be deducted from the party total.

8) Experience:

All party members are on 3585, you need 3750 to reach level 4

9) Party Gold:
10 Platinum (1000gp)
688 Gold
16 Silver
3 Copper

10) Action Points:

Action Points are reset

11) Plot Update:

The Bladebearers somehow knew the party were coming and where to intercept them. They also knew the group hold a part of the Ashen Crown. How did they come by this information and how could they have guessed the party would be travelling to the Six Kings? Does the Elf woman have friends in low places?

Now the party have met the Wordbearers, and made indirect contact with Tikulti the last part of the process to form an alliance is to demonstrate to Yeraa their leader that the group have the fighting prowess to join them in their search for the missing pieces of the Crown. Yeraa tells the party that ancient Goblin knowledge uncovered by their clan leaders points to the Tomb of the Six Kings as the probable resting places for two more parts to the crown of remembrance as the elves called it. It must be Tikulti who tipped off the Kings Citadel to the information. Your job now it to keep your mission secret and ensure the rest of the crown is found.

12) Weather:

Very hot still, Endurance checks are needed to keep up the pace of the party

13) End of the Session:

The session ended with the party persuading Yeraa to ally with them, and Tikulti suggesting a Mid afternoon Contest of Battle Prowess. The time is 14:00

14) Quests: The party are on the following quests

!! Last session the party completed the Quest to Ally with the Keech Volar
Quest XP: 875 XP (major quest) if the adventurers acquire all the pieces of the Ashen Crown.


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