The Northlands Saga

Session 25

The Challenge of the Six Kings

Seekers of the Ashen Crown

06-09-11 Game Session Notes

1) Start Time:

The negotiations with the Yeraa ended around 14:00pm when Tikulti the Kings Citadel agent suggested a contest of battle skills.

2) Fight for the Right to Join:

Tikulti the spy, sensing that Yeraa was maybe not as convinced about letting the party join as she could be suggested an Amalorkar. This was a contest that allowed each person to demonstrate their battle prowess. The contest pitted two people against each other till one was unconscious or either person missed an attack, and the other hit. An alternative form of this test requires one or the other combatant to bloody the other, and the most challenging version is a fight to the death. The characters success in convincing Yeraa of their usefulness meant Tikulti only needed to suggest a test of ability rather than a fight to the death.

3) The Amalorka:

Without giving a Rocky type description of each bout the characters won with ease! After an initial shock for Cleitus loosing his second fight, the party took it in turns to slap the Goblins around with simple defence, allowing the over eager green skins to lunge and dive around the arena looking busy but missing their attacks time and again. The last big finale finishing as quick as it started when Tagar got the initiative, charged Yeraa, and with a barrelling push! shield bashed her out of the Circle for an automatic win! With a Dwarfish grin and a hock of spit he slowly walked back to his mark and took the applause of the group! Suprisingly enough the Goblins cheered as much as the group and with a grin of sly indignation Yeraa strode over and slapped Tagars shoulder with her large Hobgoblin open palm.

Join us in our Quest “Friends of the Wordbearers” she exclaimed, and may the children of the Dhakanni prove as accomplished as your party in the coming days !

4) Tomb of the Six kings:


After a nights rest the party’s set of to explore the Tombs. The night before Yeraa told the party of the plan, her group would search the higher levels of the Tombs, and would gain entrance by using a portal. The Players group would search the less dangerous tombs, looking for a Solitaire Gem called Zaarani’s solitaire, while they search for Lurtaan’s cord. The two groups spent 20 minutes exploring the dark caverns using the light of Frags spell to guide the way. Then the party’s came across a rock slide. It took a further hour of excavation to open a way forward. The party’s then came across another room through a narrow passage again filled with rubble. The room on the other side of the rubble held the Obelisk of travel. Yeraa entered eagerly with her group and began to activate the device, meantime the party examined the room more thoroughly. In it was found four broken sarcophagi and bones littering the floor. Exits from the room included a passage out to the east, and a door south. After a few minutes a blinding flash of light was followed by a low rumbling as the Wordbearers disappeared. Immediately this happened the group rumbled and an high pitch sound pierced the darkness of the chamber. Slowly the group recovered from the shock of the light followed by the noise, everyone was not surprised to see skeletons forming from the bones on the floor, and around the smashed sarcophagi.

The fight started with small skeletons with claws of sharp bone clambering over the stone tombs to reach the party. They seemed to come from everywhere, what first looked like a big battle was soon cut down in size by Fraglocks beguiling strands " Aptus – Idcirco – Iaculum " . His spell tore apart and crushed the smaller Goblin sized skeletons, but had a lesser effect on the larger hobgoblin sized Soldiers. One particularly nasty looking skeleton seemed to hold back and inaccurately threw a blob of necrotic gloop while it advanced forwardlooking for a safe position.

Tordek seeing the undead moving in to flank and overpower the group called for his Deity’s help and with a Sunburst blessing did massive harm to a large blade wielding skeleton the light from the attack flowing over the party and bolstering their courage.

Over at the northern part of the room, Two of the larger skeletons took a dislike to Cleitus, maybe it was his shadow affinity who knows? They clawed their way forward and attempted to gang up on him, assisted by their co ordination and flanking positions they struck him twice for serious damage Cleitus was looking for aid!

Tagar looking to make some room to tank the larger foes smashed a smaller skeleton to pieces with his hack and hew ability, finding his anger helping him his next crushing swing seriously injured another Skelton, as its arm was left dangling , Tagar growled with satisfaction seeing his blows hitting home again and again, his adrenalin burst seeming to invigorated him as he took the fight to the undead defenders ! Cleitus still in a difficult position stilled his mind and infused the air in front of him with a cold sharp mist that froze on contact! The brittle bones of two smaller skeletons cracking then shattering under the stress, splinters from the two dead minions striking a third larger skeleton and sheering the dry sinews of his ice frozen shoulder with a sickening snap.

The party were again working as a unit, as fast as the undead could advance the party had a answer, Fraglock muttering arcane phrases and painting mystical symbols into the air around his staff brought colourful images and flashing lights into existence, then in one controlled movement directed them towards the hapless smaller skeletons still scratching away at the Warrior near him. His beguiling strand incantations proved to much for their feeble minds to take in and reeling from the forceful imagery two more smaller creatures, collapsed into a pile of inanimate calcified remains.

While the party took the fight to the undead defenders, Vol Astartes, eyes glazed over with the look of a blind monk, began working his diabolic magic against the largest of the skeletons, in the room. Cursing the foul creature with the name of Vols’s diabolic ally, using phrases and sounds known only by Vols demon patron he not only burns his target with purple flame of infernal torture, but linked his life force to the same creature, creating a glowing bond between the two.

The now depleted skeleton ranks close in, knowing nothing of fear or hope they simply follow their gloom bargain with the Raven Queen and defend the realm of the dead! Two smaller skeletons seek to rip and tear at Tagars Dwarfish skin but miss him setting themselves up to be sundered by the warriors counter attacks. On cue Tagar drops the last two pesky minions. Immediately he is surprised to find a necrotic substance seeping down the front of his armour and burning into his flesh! The smell of death, coupled with the pain of the unearthly substance caused him to miss his next attack but with a shake of his breastplate and a stunted hop, the olive drab gunk drops to the ground at the Dwarf’s feet, smoke rising where it rests. Tagar then enraged by the attack, charged the shadowy skeleton at the back and with one massive blow crushed its elongated skeletal head.

Away from the entrance doorway Tordek fought a personal battle with a large sword wielding skeleton, after a painful strike from the soldier Tordek called on his most potent weapon against the forces for undeath! And smite’d the Undead skeleton 15 ft back impacting on the Portal, and shattering its body on the still vibrating obelisk.

Finishing the fight Fraglock moved his staff in a dance of lines and froze the last skeleton where it stood shattering its bones with the force of an Icy Ray!

5) Food:

1 Daily rations should be deducted from the party total.

6) Experience:

Everyone received 180 XP putting the characters on 3765 (Level 4)

7) Party Gold:

10 Platinum (1000gp)
688 Gold
16 Silver
3 Copper

8) Action Points:

No Action Points were used

9) Plot Update:

Now the party have made the alliance with the Wordbearers, they are well underway to retrieving the other parts of the Artefact. Yeraa still seems a little unsure as to the groups true purpose, but she seems very happy with their fighting prowess, and in Goblin culture that stands for a great deal.

The party have now entered the Tombs of the six kings, and as Yeraa explained the night before no other Humans have ever been allowed by to enter this place, its history dates back to the Kings of old that ruled Khorvaire when it was under the control of the unified Goblin nation of Dhakkani. The bodies of the Kings were buried and their deeds written into the walls and pillars that adorn the halls between the natural rock passages. Time has changed the grandeur of the structures, but the power of the Dhakkani culture is still here brooding over the now still remains of the old Kings!

Looking at the big picture and, considering what is at stake with this mission, it would be correct for the party to assume that if it is successful The Kings Citadel would not be the only ones impressed with the groups reliability, a fact that could be exploited for more work in the future?

10) Weather:

Very hot outside, but inside the Tombs the temperature comfortable

11) End of the Session:

The session ended with the party persuading Yeraa to ally with them, and Tikulti suggesting a Mid afternoon Contest of Battle Prowess. The time is 10:00am

12) Quests: The party are on the following quests

Quest XP: 175 XP (minor quest) if the characters acquire Zaarani’s solitaire.
Quest XP: 875 XP (major quest) if the adventurers acquire all the pieces of the Ashen Crown.


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