The Northlands Saga

Session 3

Sneaking ! "Who's sneaking"?

N1 Start Time

Following the battle with the Vermin, most characters were bloodied and all had used their action points. It was therefore agreed that an extended rest should take place. The party hid their presence from the town by using a Create Camp Ritual. The Cleric had already learned this in his home village, and also had the spell components. The ritual summoned forth 30+ imps that assembled a very functional camp and magically hid it from view. The spell lasted till 8:00pm that evening it is still light as night falls at around 10:00pm this time of year.

N3 Keep Hidden

Skill Challenge (Encounter 3)

The party needs to keep a low profile, and stay out of sight of the Goblins, as it is assumed that their presance in the town is unwanted. This skill challenge requires 12 successes before 3 failures and is the most difficult in terms of complexity

The party has so far made four skill tests stealth (hide from a Goblin Patrol on the outskirts of the town and Acrobatics (climb a high wall behind the Looting Grounds (Trade district). Both were a success. Dara TrueShot Led the party on a course that skirted a number of patrols along the way to the ruined Library. His route was very well thought out and ensured that the party avoided the majority of patrols. While moving to the old library the party were luck to notice a large charred wall leaning against a thick branch. A perception check by Vol told you to skirt the obstacle as it could have easily collapsed on someone and brought a large group of Goblins down on the party.

  • Success 4
  • Failure 0
N4 Drunken and Stupid!

two drunken Goblins spilled out of a charred building while the party were making their way to the Library. both seemed unsure of the party but were too drunk to care. After a short interrogation the goblins mentioned a group of Orcs, and asked why the party had not been scarred by them. On closer inspection the more drunk of the two Goblins did have a large cut leading from the top of his right eye , over and round the eye socket and down to his green boil encrusted cheek. No more information was gathered

N5 Scavengers

The party made their way to the ruined and charred library building. The extent of the damage to it not becoming apparent till the group were close up. It seemed the Library had been singled out for extra damage when the Goblins took over. While the party looked over the structure, a small group of Kobolds could be seen scavenging around the base of the walls. After a short chat with them it was concluded they were not to hostile, and could in fact be bargained with. After a difficult conversation with one who was clearly a leader, the party learned again of Orcs that seem to be branding unlucky Gobins and Kobalds, for what reason no one can make out but importantly the Kobold did say the Orcs did seem to be looking for something that the party guessed was the slaying Stone! After another short exchange with the Kobold the party could sense a rift between Kobolds and Goblins in the town, no love seems to be lost between the two tribes.

N6 Book Abuse!

The party had decided earlier on in the evening to continue the investigation of the town at the Library, as this would hopefully reveal Magic Tomes as well as a clue maybe to the wareabouts of the slaying stone. What the party found was a Large room full of Goblin Cutters, and a curious robe attired Goblin flicking frantically through books. The party charged into the room and began to slay the cutters while Dara attempted to close ground on the scholarly looking creature. This only led to the Goblin Tomeripper pulling page after page from his books and summoning 3 Ooozes. These acidic creatures proved a handful for the party as they blocked the way and did big damage. Only after three of the characters had fell did the Warrior finally dispatch the spell caster, and with his last breadth the last Ooze dissolved in front of the Warriors eyes. everyone then held their breadth while the party members attempted to save v death. Thankfully everyone managed it but Daras was very close in the end.

N9 Experience

After completing the encounter in the Library the group receive 600XP This puts the party on

Ranger ….. 600
Warrior ….. 600
Warlock ….. 600
Cleric ….. 600

N10 Action Points

All action points were used in the last encounter, so none are available.

N11 Money Bags

120GP was recovered from the Room, mainly in a box under a desk in the middle of the room.

N12 Loot

A Magical Broadsword was found +1 but as no one uses broadswords it will be kept in the party loot

N13 Time of Day

The encounter lasted 20 minutes and after searching the room thoroughly the party sat down for a rest at 9:30pm

N14 Amunition Count

The Ranger used 28 arrows in the encounter.

N15 Skills & Powers

All daily powers were used so none are available


Nice Phil, I love your description of the punch Drunk Dwarf !!!!

Macros is Mad! of that there is no doubt! I will do a summary as well Phil to tidy up the XP, skills and powers etc, but great update

Session 3
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