The Northlands Saga

Session 5

Faction v Faction

N1 Start Time

Following the battle in the Slum district streets, the party was pretty battered, and in dire need of a rest. The group slept for six hours to recover its HP, Action Points and Surges.
The Assassin awoke at 02:00am and decided to scout the slum district on the lookout for any signs of out of the ordinary housing while the rest of the party slept.

N2 On the lookout

Cletus the Assassin used his shade form to move between shadows and full cover to keep himself out of sight. He scouted the slums fully over a period of five hours in which time he saw nothing of great interest. He even spent some time lost scratching his insubstantial head wondering why the same section of road kept appearing even though he absolutely was not going round in circles ! honest !

Finally he found the party again who had prepared themselves to continue the search for the stone.

N3 Keep Hidden

Skill Challenge (Encounter 3)

The party needs to keep a low profile, and stay out of sight of the Goblins, as it is assumed that their presance in the town is unwanted. This skill challenge requires 12 successes before 3 failures and is the most difficult in terms of complexity

The party has so far made four skill tests stealth (hide from a Goblin Patrol on the outskirts of the town and Acrobatics (climb a high wall behind the Looting Grounds (Trade district). Both were a success. Dara TrueShot Led the party on a course that skirted a number of patrols along the way to the ruined Library. His route was very well thought out and ensured that the party avoided the majority of patrols. While moving to the old library the party were luck to notice a large charred wall leaning against a thick branch. A perception check by Vol told you to skirt the obstacle as it could have easily collapsed on someone and brought a large group of Goblins down on the party.
While scouting the slum district Cletus managed to use his stealth ability to avoid the prying eyes of a group of scavenging Kobolds.

After a battle with a gang of over confident Kobolds the party were unable to convince a stray panicky kobold that he was safe and the dead Kobolds started the fight. The poor creature refused money and ran off screeching “The bad men are coming for us”.

  • Success 5
  • Failure 1
N4 Angry Mob

The party witnessed a group of angry Kobolds preparing to head out for what seemed to be some form of confrontation. Tagar IronShield suggested they maybe tooling up for some sort of head to head against the Goblins. Everyone agreed to follow them and see.

N5 Hidden Menace

As the party trailed a group of Kobolds they were ambushed by a gang who used the rubble, and buildings as cover. The Ambush was badly executed, one of the cowardly Kobold attackers even ran off leaving his friends to their fate. After a short fight the party finished off the remaining dog creatures and took off after the cowardly one. They picked up his trail but unfortunately lost it again soon after. the party returned to the dead bodies and after rummaging round the messy scene for five minutes a potion of Healing was found and 100gp.

N6 Brief Chat

The party had a conversation with some on looking Kobolds who told the party that they had seen Orcs in a large area around the slum district up to and including the wealthier parts of town controlled by the Goblins. They also hinted at a serious dislike for the Goblins and Orcs in the area. They told the party that the likely place for a treasure and therefor the Red Stone of Power would be the cellars of the old Kiris Mansion in the north. Finally they surprised the party by telling them the local Goblin Leader Hu-Jat would not take kindly to Orc intervention.

N7 Joining Forces!

The party decided to go see the Kobold Leader Grishak and try to persuade him to engage the Goblins while the party took out the leadership. The plan would be the Kobolds could then take over the town while the Goblins were leaderless.

The party got some basic directions to the council building come court of Grishak. They followed the trail and finally found a structure that shows signs of a planned shape, as opposed to the irregular makeshift shack structure found elsewhere in this district. A brief chat with some more well equipped Kobold guards and the party were allowed to enter peacefully.

Grishak sat on a crude Throne, made from an old upturned stone horse trough and a battered upstanding Wooden Window frame. He talked at length with the party about the threat of the Goblins and how he disliked them. Then after a short skill challenge worth 80XP Each the party convinced his to cause some diversions while the group attacked the leadership. This will be a great help in moving through the town unseen, as long as the party do not get into the fights themselves.

Following the successful parley with the Kobold the party made their way towards the Temple district of the town. As they moved along the shacks thinned out and more sizable buildings took over. At the perimeter of the old run down slum region of the town the party meet a Goblin patrol that offered a reasonable amount of resistance. Ultimately the Goblin attackers fell to a well co ordinated fight plan that saw the Assassin stepping in and out of the shadows to pull his opponents into position for the kill. The fight also saw Vol dealing a consistent amount of damage throughout. Even the Tank Tagar IronShield got in on the act as a lot of the Kobold’s tried to put space between themselves and Tagar IronShield only to end up dead from an attack of opportunity.

N8 Experience

After completing the encounters with the Kobold Slum dogs, and Goblin Patrol, including the experience gained from recruiting the Kobolds to their cause the party are now on.

Lvl 1 Dara (Ranger)….. 860
Lvl 2 Tagar (Warrior) ….. 1180 (Leveled)
Lvl 2 Vol (Warlock) ….. 1180 (Leveled)
Lvl 2 Tordek (Cleric)….. 1180 (Leveled)
Lvl 1 Cletus (Assassin)…… 320
Lvl 1 Macros (Sorcerer)….. 250

N9 Action Points

1 Action point was spent by the party

N10 Money Bags

180gp were recovered from the bodies of both the Kobolds and the Goblins

N11 Loot

A Potion of Healing was found on the body of a Kobold, he was unaware it healed as he had tried to nibble its stopper!

N12 Time of Day

The last encounter ended at 4:30pm.

N13 Amunition Count

No ammunition was expend

N14 Skills & Powers

No Daily powers were used apart from an Action point

Food and Drink
The party is down to 1 days rations, people will start to feel weaker unless the group resolve the food situation.


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