Helped the party by providing a quest for the recovery of the Slaying Stone from Kiris Dahn


Lady Treona is an ex member of the old Kiris Dahn town council.


Lady Treona lives with Kiris Alkirk in a tower not far from the old fabled town of Kiris Dahn.

She was a member of the ruling council before the town was overrun by Goblins. After which she investigated the history of the legendary slaying Stones. Magical defenses that kept the town free from invaders for many years, and allowed it to prosper as a refuge for people with professions of value.

She has offered the party a quest to recover the remaining stone, which she believes is still hidden in the ruined town now renamed Gorizbadd

To help the adventurers she provided information on the possible location of the stone and a map of the town as it now looks.


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