Tol Ameth

Son of Thetis the Great

Known Location

Missing, thought abducted by forces currently unknown.


Brought up at his family’s home in Huldir, Tol Ameth is the only son of Thetis the Great. A warrior through and through. His early childhood was tough, his farther sent him away with his uncle Sal to learn the ways of a leader. Sal tutored Tol in the ways of a Horse Lord. His education started when Tol was cornered by a group of local ruffians, in a small herdsman village on the edge of the Dead Plains. A short fight broke out leading to Tol being beaten for having a different colour of skin to the other boys. This was the last time Tol took any form of beating!

Tol travelled for eight years with his uncle from north to South, and east to West criss crossing the Northlands, he learned the discipline of the blade, the horse, the craftsman and the leader. His education took many forms including trials of might and skill, balanced with both learning and writing. His greatest feats were those he undertook with his Uncles permission, helping villages deal with localised problems, including troublesome bears, ravenous Lions and confrontations with bandit groups, none of which had the stomach for a real fight.

He finally returned to his father on his 13th Birthday, a hardened, wise boy for his years, and a sight for his fathers sore eyes. His years in the wilderness with his uncle had led him to adopt a rather different approach to his attire, favouring a more tribal look with leather and chain his armour of choice and the large 2 bladed axe his weapon of favour.

As the years moved on, his body grew with his age, and at the grand old age of 18 he stood 6ft 6 in hight with a physique to match.

Recent Events

Not long after his 18th birthday his farther learned of a plot to overthrow the head of the Knights of the Silver Shield. So with a large contingent of cavalry he travelled to the home of the head of the order a Lady known as The Rainbow Knight. to warn her of the threat. It was just the chance the enemies of the king wanted, and no sooner had the host left Huldra Castle and the spies struck! Next day no sign of the Prince could be found, and no letter, or Ransom note was delivered. to this day no sight nor sound of the Prince has been received.


Tol Ameth

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