The Northlands Saga

Session 2
Entering the Town
N1 Start Time

The party wake up at 10:00am and set out on their journey, the journey takes 4 hours with no encounters, so the party arrives at the outskirts of Kiris Dahn by noon.

N2 Enter the town

Skill Challenge (Encounter 2)

The group are tested in their ability to navigate safely and quietly into the town. The skill challenge required 4 success before 3 failure and the group made 3 failures first. Failures on Acrobatics (balance on ledge), Athletics (climbing steep sides of a ravine), Athletics (swimming the river into the town) meant too much noise was made and it can be assumed that Goblins are aware people are moving around the town uninvited.

  • Success 3
  • Failure 1

DM note: all stealth checks are at -2, and no Goblin Patrols can be Suprised

N3 Keep Hidden

Skill Challenge (Encounter 3)

The party needs to keep a low profile, and stay out of sight of the Goblins, as it is assumed that their presance in the town is unwanted. This skill challenge requires 12 successes before 3 failures and is the most difficult in terms of complexity

The party has so far made two skill tests stealth (hide from a Goblin Patrol on the outskirts of the town and Acrobatics (climb a high wall behind the Looting Grounds (Trade district). Both were a success.

  • Success 2
  • Failure 0
N4 Old Ruined Monument Building

The party begun their investigation of the town in the old Trade district (area 5 on the map). The old run down neighbourhood is broken, leaning and burn’t. After finding access to a large building in the area the party encountered a Vermin Infestation (Encounter 5) They fought against Rat swarms and Stirges leading to two Characters falling under the mass of rats. A successful death save helped one and the other was stabalised after the fight. a short search turned up a nice magical robe in a Sarcophagi, and signs of recent frantic searching, which missed the lever that opened the Sarcophagi The party took a short rest to recover the massive damage meated out by the rats.

N5 Short Rest

The short rest was taken to heal up and examine the Magical Robe. Each character used 3 healing surges to heal up, and a successful Arcane check from the Warlock discovered the Robe is Content Not Found: fireburst-armor.

N6 Walley Roller!

After what can only be described as the worst case of dice fatigue ever, Phil’s characters should hold their heads in shame as their miss ratio was about 3-1, and in the last part of the fight The Warlock, and his Warrior couldnt hit a barndoor from 5 yards with a Bazooka! Needing 7+ on the dice and getting 4-5-5-6 was just insane! better luck next time Phil!

N7 Ranger Rules Note

The ranger was not played correctly, Elven Accuracy was not used, which allows for a re-roll on a miss once per round. Also Hunters Quarry was not used to add a d6 on to damage.

N8 Rat Swarm rules Note

Rat swarms take full damage from non physical attacks instead of half!

N9 Experience

After completing Encounter 5 Vermin Infestation the group receive 600XP (+100 for my mistake on the Rat Swarm Damage Resistance) This puts the party on

Ranger ….. 450
Warrior ….. 450
Warlock ….. 450
Cleric ….. 450

N10 Action Points

All action points were used in the last encounter, so none are available.

N11 Money Bags

No money again from this session.

N12 Loot

The Warlock has aquired a magical robe Fireburst Robe +1

N13 Time of Day

The group reached the town by noon, then took aprpox 1 hour entering the town and another hour looking through parts of the old trade district. This means the fight with the Vermin, and subsequent search of the room followed by a 10 minute short rest, takes them to 14:30pm. with an extended rest due at 9:00pm that night.

N14 Amunition Count

The Ranger used 48 arrows in the encounter.

N15 Skills & Powers

No daily powers were used in this encounter or other notable skills.

Session 1
The Adventure Begins
N1 Kidnapped

The adventurers were drinking together in the Wayfarers Rest a welcoming Tavern in a peaceful town called Cumry.

The party, were celebrating the Shield-Meet, a yearly festival that takes place across the land, initialy setup to mark the annual date of the old military council of war.

After a few hours of eating and drinking the party were attacked by a large group of well armed Orc slavers who seemed to single out the group. The attack was over quickly when the party were put to sleep by a powerful spell spoken by a particularily large rough looking Orc.

N2 A Hangover to remember!

The next morning the party found themselves tied and gagged in a crude but strong wooden cage being driven east towards the Dead Plain by the Orc mercenaries. Shortly after daybreak, a fight took place between a persuing troop of Silver Circle Knights and the Orcs. at the end of the fight the Orcs were defeated. The party talked with a powerful Knight who called herself The Rainbow Knight. She advised them to persue the origin of the magical scroll as a way of tracing who sent the Orcs, and why they were sent.

N3 Magical Insight

Vol examined the scroll and after a successful Arcana check he worked out it was produced my a Mage who was known to operate from an old town called Kiris Dahn.

N4 Follow Me! I think

A series of failed Nature rolls led the party astray in the woods on the way to Kiris Dahn

N5 The Ruined Amphitheatre

After traveling west for a day or so the Party found themselves lost in the woods, suddenly they came across a ruined Amphetheatre. A rash investigation of a glinting object on a skeleton led to a collapsng floor and an attack by Clay Defenders. The fight was hard but the party were successful.

N6 Dazed and Confused

The party had a lot of trouble dealing with the Defenders due to their Dazing ability. This was particulaly bad for the Warrior as he was unable to hit and therefore Tank the creatures. images of dwarves constantly swinging and missing is quite funny though!

N7 Red Eyes in the Night!

The party found themselves trudging through rain to reach the fabled town of Kiris Dahn when they caught sight of an old tower on the way. As they approached the tower they are attacked by Gray & Ravenous Wolves who were easily despatched with the help of a brave old lady living in the tower.

N8 Return of the Stone

The party entered a tower near the old Town of Kiris Dahn, the occupants of the tower were Treona and Kiris Alkirk. Both people were ex council members of Kiris Dahn. They explained that the town was overun by Goblins and now has been renamed Gorizzbad.

N9 Erm you guys look tough!

Quest-1 The party impressed Treona enough with their prowess in the wolf fight, so much that she offered them a Quest to Return the Slaying Stone. The magical stone has the ability to destroy enamies that threaten Kiris Dahn. Treona believes that there is a missing stone still in the town, and she wants you guys to find it.

Quest-2 She also wants you to collect as many Arcane books and manuscripts as you can find as she collects them, and the town did have a big collection in the past.

N10 Experience

After completing two successful adventures the party received 1200XP. 650xp for the Ruined Amphetheatre, and 550 for the wolves in the Night.

N11 Action Points

All action points are reset after the long rest following the wolf fight and meeting in the tower.

N12 Money Bags

Times are hard! no money has been found in this session.

N13 Loot

The Ranger aquired an Amulet of Protection +1 which added to his Reflex Fortitude & Wisdom Save modifier.

N14 Time of Day

The group retired at around 10:00pm after a long and interesting chat with the owners of the tower.

N15 Amunition Count

The Ranger used 36 arrows in the two encounters.


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