The Northlands Saga

Session 1
The Adventure Begins
N1 Kidnapped

The adventurers were drinking together in the Wayfarers Rest a welcoming Tavern in a peaceful town called Cumry.

The party, were celebrating the Shield-Meet, a yearly festival that takes place across the land, initialy setup to mark the annual date of the old military council of war.

After a few hours of eating and drinking the party were attacked by a large group of well armed Orc slavers who seemed to single out the group. The attack was over quickly when the party were put to sleep by a powerful spell spoken by a particularily large rough looking Orc.

N2 A Hangover to remember!

The next morning the party found themselves tied and gagged in a crude but strong wooden cage being driven east towards the Dead Plain by the Orc mercenaries. Shortly after daybreak, a fight took place between a persuing troop of Silver Circle Knights and the Orcs. at the end of the fight the Orcs were defeated. The party talked with a powerful Knight who called herself The Rainbow Knight. She advised them to persue the origin of the magical scroll as a way of tracing who sent the Orcs, and why they were sent.

N3 Magical Insight

Vol examined the scroll and after a successful Arcana check he worked out it was produced my a Mage who was known to operate from an old town called Kiris Dahn.

N4 Follow Me! I think

A series of failed Nature rolls led the party astray in the woods on the way to Kiris Dahn

N5 The Ruined Amphitheatre

After traveling west for a day or so the Party found themselves lost in the woods, suddenly they came across a ruined Amphetheatre. A rash investigation of a glinting object on a skeleton led to a collapsng floor and an attack by Clay Defenders. The fight was hard but the party were successful.

N6 Dazed and Confused

The party had a lot of trouble dealing with the Defenders due to their Dazing ability. This was particulaly bad for the Warrior as he was unable to hit and therefore Tank the creatures. images of dwarves constantly swinging and missing is quite funny though!

N7 Red Eyes in the Night!

The party found themselves trudging through rain to reach the fabled town of Kiris Dahn when they caught sight of an old tower on the way. As they approached the tower they are attacked by Gray & Ravenous Wolves who were easily despatched with the help of a brave old lady living in the tower.

N8 Return of the Stone

The party entered a tower near the old Town of Kiris Dahn, the occupants of the tower were Treona and Kiris Alkirk. Both people were ex council members of Kiris Dahn. They explained that the town was overun by Goblins and now has been renamed Gorizzbad.

N9 Erm you guys look tough!

Quest-1 The party impressed Treona enough with their prowess in the wolf fight, so much that she offered them a Quest to Return the Slaying Stone. The magical stone has the ability to destroy enamies that threaten Kiris Dahn. Treona believes that there is a missing stone still in the town, and she wants you guys to find it.

Quest-2 She also wants you to collect as many Arcane books and manuscripts as you can find as she collects them, and the town did have a big collection in the past.

N10 Experience

After completing two successful adventures the party received 1200XP. 650xp for the Ruined Amphetheatre, and 550 for the wolves in the Night.

N11 Action Points

All action points are reset after the long rest following the wolf fight and meeting in the tower.

N12 Money Bags

Times are hard! no money has been found in this session.

N13 Loot

The Ranger aquired an Amulet of Protection +1 which added to his Reflex Fortitude & Wisdom Save modifier.

N14 Time of Day

The group retired at around 10:00pm after a long and interesting chat with the owners of the tower.

N15 Amunition Count

The Ranger used 36 arrows in the two encounters.

Session 2
Entering the Town
N1 Start Time

The party wake up at 10:00am and set out on their journey, the journey takes 4 hours with no encounters, so the party arrives at the outskirts of Kiris Dahn by noon.

N2 Enter the town

Skill Challenge (Encounter 2)

The group are tested in their ability to navigate safely and quietly into the town. The skill challenge required 4 success before 3 failure and the group made 3 failures first. Failures on Acrobatics (balance on ledge), Athletics (climbing steep sides of a ravine), Athletics (swimming the river into the town) meant too much noise was made and it can be assumed that Goblins are aware people are moving around the town uninvited.

  • Success 3
  • Failure 1

DM note: all stealth checks are at -2, and no Goblin Patrols can be Suprised

N3 Keep Hidden

Skill Challenge (Encounter 3)

The party needs to keep a low profile, and stay out of sight of the Goblins, as it is assumed that their presance in the town is unwanted. This skill challenge requires 12 successes before 3 failures and is the most difficult in terms of complexity

The party has so far made two skill tests stealth (hide from a Goblin Patrol on the outskirts of the town and Acrobatics (climb a high wall behind the Looting Grounds (Trade district). Both were a success.

  • Success 2
  • Failure 0
N4 Old Ruined Monument Building

The party begun their investigation of the town in the old Trade district (area 5 on the map). The old run down neighbourhood is broken, leaning and burn’t. After finding access to a large building in the area the party encountered a Vermin Infestation (Encounter 5) They fought against Rat swarms and Stirges leading to two Characters falling under the mass of rats. A successful death save helped one and the other was stabalised after the fight. a short search turned up a nice magical robe in a Sarcophagi, and signs of recent frantic searching, which missed the lever that opened the Sarcophagi The party took a short rest to recover the massive damage meated out by the rats.

N5 Short Rest

The short rest was taken to heal up and examine the Magical Robe. Each character used 3 healing surges to heal up, and a successful Arcane check from the Warlock discovered the Robe is Content Not Found: fireburst-armor.

N6 Walley Roller!

After what can only be described as the worst case of dice fatigue ever, Phil’s characters should hold their heads in shame as their miss ratio was about 3-1, and in the last part of the fight The Warlock, and his Warrior couldnt hit a barndoor from 5 yards with a Bazooka! Needing 7+ on the dice and getting 4-5-5-6 was just insane! better luck next time Phil!

N7 Ranger Rules Note

The ranger was not played correctly, Elven Accuracy was not used, which allows for a re-roll on a miss once per round. Also Hunters Quarry was not used to add a d6 on to damage.

N8 Rat Swarm rules Note

Rat swarms take full damage from non physical attacks instead of half!

N9 Experience

After completing Encounter 5 Vermin Infestation the group receive 600XP (+100 for my mistake on the Rat Swarm Damage Resistance) This puts the party on

Ranger ….. 450
Warrior ….. 450
Warlock ….. 450
Cleric ….. 450

N10 Action Points

All action points were used in the last encounter, so none are available.

N11 Money Bags

No money again from this session.

N12 Loot

The Warlock has aquired a magical robe Fireburst Robe +1

N13 Time of Day

The group reached the town by noon, then took aprpox 1 hour entering the town and another hour looking through parts of the old trade district. This means the fight with the Vermin, and subsequent search of the room followed by a 10 minute short rest, takes them to 14:30pm. with an extended rest due at 9:00pm that night.

N14 Amunition Count

The Ranger used 48 arrows in the encounter.

N15 Skills & Powers

No daily powers were used in this encounter or other notable skills.

Session 3
Sneaking ! "Who's sneaking"?
N1 Start Time

Following the battle with the Vermin, most characters were bloodied and all had used their action points. It was therefore agreed that an extended rest should take place. The party hid their presence from the town by using a Create Camp Ritual. The Cleric had already learned this in his home village, and also had the spell components. The ritual summoned forth 30+ imps that assembled a very functional camp and magically hid it from view. The spell lasted till 8:00pm that evening it is still light as night falls at around 10:00pm this time of year.

N3 Keep Hidden

Skill Challenge (Encounter 3)

The party needs to keep a low profile, and stay out of sight of the Goblins, as it is assumed that their presance in the town is unwanted. This skill challenge requires 12 successes before 3 failures and is the most difficult in terms of complexity

The party has so far made four skill tests stealth (hide from a Goblin Patrol on the outskirts of the town and Acrobatics (climb a high wall behind the Looting Grounds (Trade district). Both were a success. Dara TrueShot Led the party on a course that skirted a number of patrols along the way to the ruined Library. His route was very well thought out and ensured that the party avoided the majority of patrols. While moving to the old library the party were luck to notice a large charred wall leaning against a thick branch. A perception check by Vol told you to skirt the obstacle as it could have easily collapsed on someone and brought a large group of Goblins down on the party.

  • Success 4
  • Failure 0
N4 Drunken and Stupid!

two drunken Goblins spilled out of a charred building while the party were making their way to the Library. both seemed unsure of the party but were too drunk to care. After a short interrogation the goblins mentioned a group of Orcs, and asked why the party had not been scarred by them. On closer inspection the more drunk of the two Goblins did have a large cut leading from the top of his right eye , over and round the eye socket and down to his green boil encrusted cheek. No more information was gathered

N5 Scavengers

The party made their way to the ruined and charred library building. The extent of the damage to it not becoming apparent till the group were close up. It seemed the Library had been singled out for extra damage when the Goblins took over. While the party looked over the structure, a small group of Kobolds could be seen scavenging around the base of the walls. After a short chat with them it was concluded they were not to hostile, and could in fact be bargained with. After a difficult conversation with one who was clearly a leader, the party learned again of Orcs that seem to be branding unlucky Gobins and Kobalds, for what reason no one can make out but importantly the Kobold did say the Orcs did seem to be looking for something that the party guessed was the slaying Stone! After another short exchange with the Kobold the party could sense a rift between Kobolds and Goblins in the town, no love seems to be lost between the two tribes.

N6 Book Abuse!

The party had decided earlier on in the evening to continue the investigation of the town at the Library, as this would hopefully reveal Magic Tomes as well as a clue maybe to the wareabouts of the slaying stone. What the party found was a Large room full of Goblin Cutters, and a curious robe attired Goblin flicking frantically through books. The party charged into the room and began to slay the cutters while Dara attempted to close ground on the scholarly looking creature. This only led to the Goblin Tomeripper pulling page after page from his books and summoning 3 Ooozes. These acidic creatures proved a handful for the party as they blocked the way and did big damage. Only after three of the characters had fell did the Warrior finally dispatch the spell caster, and with his last breadth the last Ooze dissolved in front of the Warriors eyes. everyone then held their breadth while the party members attempted to save v death. Thankfully everyone managed it but Daras was very close in the end.

N9 Experience

After completing the encounter in the Library the group receive 600XP This puts the party on

Ranger ….. 600
Warrior ….. 600
Warlock ….. 600
Cleric ….. 600

N10 Action Points

All action points were used in the last encounter, so none are available.

N11 Money Bags

120GP was recovered from the Room, mainly in a box under a desk in the middle of the room.

N12 Loot

A Magical Broadsword was found +1 but as no one uses broadswords it will be kept in the party loot

N13 Time of Day

The encounter lasted 20 minutes and after searching the room thoroughly the party sat down for a rest at 9:30pm

N14 Amunition Count

The Ranger used 28 arrows in the encounter.

N15 Skills & Powers

All daily powers were used so none are available

Session 4 ; Vol's Tale

After the narrow escape in the library we decided it best to rest and heal our many wounds. The hardy Cleric once again put his strange spell to use and had his many imps build us a camp in a dark corner amongst the musty, decaying tomes. Whilst this was afoot I decided to search the corridor ahead for the last thing we needed at this moment was another attack upon our beings. Dara the Ranger and I inched forwards into the gloom and soon a sturdy door hove into view. A quick check revealed some very strange markings – claws if I wasn’t mistaken. Tordeck our Cleric joined us and so did the strange malevolent being called Makros the Black. Dara checked the door for traps, found none and grasped the handle only to find the door well and truly locked. Makros spotted something beneath the door that shone oddly and soon in his hand he held a thin wafer-like leaf. ‘Leaf !’ snorted the Cleric ‘Tis no leaf but the scale of a brass dragon’. What was a dragon doing in a library ? We were certainly not ready to find out so retired for the night to the magical camp our friend had conjured.
A hearty sleep saw us rise fresh and healed of injuries at a very early time of the morning. We decided to try the mysterious door again. Could it be behind here that the stone we sought lay ? Gods be true and we could be rid of this foul place and its filthy vermin. It took some hammering from us all to weaken the door’s resistance and the hapless Dara, in his haste for adventure, smashed his way through only to find no floor lay waiting on the other side, only a ten foot drop to the rubbish strewn ground outside. After the laughter from the rest of the party subsided we made our way back out the library and picked our colleague up from the dusty ground. Thankfully only his pride was injured.
To make ammends he began to track us a safe passage through the town for it was decided that we head for the slum area in our quest. As we passed hovel after hovel a door suddenly opened and one of those disgusting wretches of a creature, a Kobold, appeared. Makros immediately began to itimidate it and such was his prowess at this art the creature quickly became a gibbering wreck. Slick, for that was the name it went by revealed that two more of its race lay behind the door. Makros had an unusual penchant to take the thing as a pet, no doubt some mischief was forming in his mind, and he quickly leashed the poor wretch which began to bark and whine like a common dog. We decided to investigate Slick’s friends. When I say ‘investigate’ I really mean slaughter. They heeded not a word of caution from us so I quickly disintegrated one with an Eldritch Blast, a handy spell my adoptive father had taught me to use when I was a boy. Our fighter Tagar the dwarf cleaved the other’s skull in just as quick a time. Whilst we had been engaged in this unseemly fracas we had not heard the door being locked and bolted nor had we heard the scrambling of feet outside. We were trapped !
We soon smashed our way out thanks to the iron axe of the sturdy dwarf. Taking battle-formations our two melee experts rushed out to meet the expected attack. A kobold ambush had been set. The gall of those dogs ! Missiles of excrement and rusted nails were launched and both our comrades were hurt. Dara and I rushed out into the fray and soon the four of us were hacking and slashing and throwing bolts of energy here and there. I recount here that four of us despatched the Kobolds for Makros the Black stayed in the hovel and strangled his new pet. They say pets are for life but Makros’ plaything lasted not an hour.
Moving on we now reached a network of warrens and broken streets, remnants from the human occupation of the town some years previously. We spotted a ward above the road so Dara took us on a different route just to be sure. Alas that route led us to another encounter but bouyed by our recent success we were spoiling for a fight. Two iron-clad dog creatures were waiting accompanied by a small kobold waving a wand. Another sorceror ? The dogs proved fearsome opponents and soon we were engaged in a fight that was difficult to read as to which way it would swing. Tagar took many hits and was soon swaying on his feet, the blood pouring down from beneath his helm. Dara had been tainted with a liquid thrown by the kobold and it was not clear what its use was for until much later in the fight. I managed to slay a dog whilst the Cleric battled vainly to heal Tagar. The lunatic Makros, for that is surely the best description I can label him, decided to throw a ranged spell at the remaining dog which would have been fine if Tagar was not in his field of fire. The dog perished and Tagar hit the cobbles like a puch-drunk orc in a bar-room brawl.It was then that the source of the Ranger’s liquid discomfort was revealed. An ankheg, a giant beetle dug itself out of the earth behind us and began to chase Dara around the streets. Tordeck managed to stabalise Tagar so that he would live to fight another day and the rest of us finished off the beetle. Sadly Makros survived with barely a scratch but methinks the dwarf will have something else to say on that matter. Our opponents dead we searched for the spoils of war; gold pieces, a nice gem and most interestingly a wand of Frost. As I studied this last item an idea formed in my mind to study this area of the magical arts…

Session 5
Faction v Faction
N1 Start Time

Following the battle in the Slum district streets, the party was pretty battered, and in dire need of a rest. The group slept for six hours to recover its HP, Action Points and Surges.
The Assassin awoke at 02:00am and decided to scout the slum district on the lookout for any signs of out of the ordinary housing while the rest of the party slept.

N2 On the lookout

Cletus the Assassin used his shade form to move between shadows and full cover to keep himself out of sight. He scouted the slums fully over a period of five hours in which time he saw nothing of great interest. He even spent some time lost scratching his insubstantial head wondering why the same section of road kept appearing even though he absolutely was not going round in circles ! honest !

Finally he found the party again who had prepared themselves to continue the search for the stone.

N3 Keep Hidden

Skill Challenge (Encounter 3)

The party needs to keep a low profile, and stay out of sight of the Goblins, as it is assumed that their presance in the town is unwanted. This skill challenge requires 12 successes before 3 failures and is the most difficult in terms of complexity

The party has so far made four skill tests stealth (hide from a Goblin Patrol on the outskirts of the town and Acrobatics (climb a high wall behind the Looting Grounds (Trade district). Both were a success. Dara TrueShot Led the party on a course that skirted a number of patrols along the way to the ruined Library. His route was very well thought out and ensured that the party avoided the majority of patrols. While moving to the old library the party were luck to notice a large charred wall leaning against a thick branch. A perception check by Vol told you to skirt the obstacle as it could have easily collapsed on someone and brought a large group of Goblins down on the party.
While scouting the slum district Cletus managed to use his stealth ability to avoid the prying eyes of a group of scavenging Kobolds.

After a battle with a gang of over confident Kobolds the party were unable to convince a stray panicky kobold that he was safe and the dead Kobolds started the fight. The poor creature refused money and ran off screeching “The bad men are coming for us”.

  • Success 5
  • Failure 1
N4 Angry Mob

The party witnessed a group of angry Kobolds preparing to head out for what seemed to be some form of confrontation. Tagar IronShield suggested they maybe tooling up for some sort of head to head against the Goblins. Everyone agreed to follow them and see.

N5 Hidden Menace

As the party trailed a group of Kobolds they were ambushed by a gang who used the rubble, and buildings as cover. The Ambush was badly executed, one of the cowardly Kobold attackers even ran off leaving his friends to their fate. After a short fight the party finished off the remaining dog creatures and took off after the cowardly one. They picked up his trail but unfortunately lost it again soon after. the party returned to the dead bodies and after rummaging round the messy scene for five minutes a potion of Healing was found and 100gp.

N6 Brief Chat

The party had a conversation with some on looking Kobolds who told the party that they had seen Orcs in a large area around the slum district up to and including the wealthier parts of town controlled by the Goblins. They also hinted at a serious dislike for the Goblins and Orcs in the area. They told the party that the likely place for a treasure and therefor the Red Stone of Power would be the cellars of the old Kiris Mansion in the north. Finally they surprised the party by telling them the local Goblin Leader Hu-Jat would not take kindly to Orc intervention.

N7 Joining Forces!

The party decided to go see the Kobold Leader Grishak and try to persuade him to engage the Goblins while the party took out the leadership. The plan would be the Kobolds could then take over the town while the Goblins were leaderless.

The party got some basic directions to the council building come court of Grishak. They followed the trail and finally found a structure that shows signs of a planned shape, as opposed to the irregular makeshift shack structure found elsewhere in this district. A brief chat with some more well equipped Kobold guards and the party were allowed to enter peacefully.

Grishak sat on a crude Throne, made from an old upturned stone horse trough and a battered upstanding Wooden Window frame. He talked at length with the party about the threat of the Goblins and how he disliked them. Then after a short skill challenge worth 80XP Each the party convinced his to cause some diversions while the group attacked the leadership. This will be a great help in moving through the town unseen, as long as the party do not get into the fights themselves.

Following the successful parley with the Kobold the party made their way towards the Temple district of the town. As they moved along the shacks thinned out and more sizable buildings took over. At the perimeter of the old run down slum region of the town the party meet a Goblin patrol that offered a reasonable amount of resistance. Ultimately the Goblin attackers fell to a well co ordinated fight plan that saw the Assassin stepping in and out of the shadows to pull his opponents into position for the kill. The fight also saw Vol dealing a consistent amount of damage throughout. Even the Tank Tagar IronShield got in on the act as a lot of the Kobold’s tried to put space between themselves and Tagar IronShield only to end up dead from an attack of opportunity.

N8 Experience

After completing the encounters with the Kobold Slum dogs, and Goblin Patrol, including the experience gained from recruiting the Kobolds to their cause the party are now on.

Lvl 1 Dara (Ranger)….. 860
Lvl 2 Tagar (Warrior) ….. 1180 (Leveled)
Lvl 2 Vol (Warlock) ….. 1180 (Leveled)
Lvl 2 Tordek (Cleric)….. 1180 (Leveled)
Lvl 1 Cletus (Assassin)…… 320
Lvl 1 Macros (Sorcerer)….. 250

N9 Action Points

1 Action point was spent by the party

N10 Money Bags

180gp were recovered from the bodies of both the Kobolds and the Goblins

N11 Loot

A Potion of Healing was found on the body of a Kobold, he was unaware it healed as he had tried to nibble its stopper!

N12 Time of Day

The last encounter ended at 4:30pm.

N13 Amunition Count

No ammunition was expend

N14 Skills & Powers

No Daily powers were used apart from an Action point

Food and Drink
The party is down to 1 days rations, people will start to feel weaker unless the group resolve the food situation.
Session 10
The Stones guardian
N1 Start Time

10:00am following the investigation of the books in the refurbished chapel area.


The party decides to move back to the Forest and take a days rest. On the way the party notice a group of Goblins fighting Kobolds, this distracts the Goblins and the party manages to slip past the fight unnoticed.

After using the Make Camp Ritual the party begin a days rest and recuperation to recover from the previous days battles. Cleitus slips into his recuperating trance and keeps aware for the safety of the party. He notices that through the night pigs come truffeling, he keeps his calm and decides not to start a fight or raise the warning. The party wakes at 10:00pm using a second ritual component another Make Camp is conjured till 6:00am the next morning when the party eat and break camp.


The party take the skill challenge and pass it with ease. They perform each test and pass with net scores above 20 for each part of the challenge parts. The Dragon was so impressed he offers the stone to the group with complete confidence.

The party then head towards the manor house with Cleitus up front. (Passes three checks inc Stealth, Perception and Insight)

Cleitus sees three groups of Goblins attacked by a v large group of Kobolds. the party then makes their assault on the Manor House.


The party defeat the Goblins and Hobgoblin Leader Hu-Jat, The fight starts with the house only guarded by two small Goblin Grunts. Then after the group move to engage a booming voice is heard shouting abuse at the adventurers. Hu-Jat strides forward on his Drake mount and begins to charge players at random. The start of the fight went well for Hujat with his Drake causing massive damage to Tordek. This was if though for the rest of the encounter, and crit after crit followed by good roll after better and the main protagonist with his mount were but bodies in the dust. Vanquished by the liberators of the Stone!

Tordek was knocked unconscious at one point but his resilience was un diminished and he stood next turn to fight again.

The combat took 5 rounds or 5 minutes and the party searched the bodies for loot but found nothing of significance.

Rage Drakes Protect their Owners, Loud mouthed Hobgoblins are not all they seem cracked up to be, beware running Goblin Warriors they are sneaky
N5 Knowledge Learned

The text of the page found in the expensive looking book suggested a crown is real and more investigation should be done regarding its whereabouts.

N6 Action Points

Player Character Action points Remaining
Tagar 0
Tordek 0
Vol 0
Cleitus 0


Dara 1
Macros 1

N7 Money Bags

Copper Found 0
Silver Found 0
Gold Found 0
Platinum Found 0

Party Treasury 853gp

N8 Loot

No New Loot today


+1 Acrobat Boots
Ancient Book of Great Value
Handwritten Page inside the Ancient Book
+1 Agile Armour
Wand of Cold
+1 Bastard Sword
Teardrop Gem
Valuable Book
Holy Text
Illuminated Manuscript
Satin Cushion

N9 Time of Day


N10 Ammunition Count

No ammunition was expend

N11 Skills & Powers

List of Daily Powers used since last Extended Sleep

Tagar Ironshield = Action Point

Tordek = Shield of Faith

Vol = NONE

Cleitus = Targeted for Death

N12 Food and Drink

Foraging Activities this session 0 Days Foraged

Total Days of Rations Left 1

N13 Encumbrance

The Current Encumbrance for Each character is:

Tagar Ironshield = 12/15
Tordek = 4/12
Vol = 3/11
Cleitus = 4/11

Session 14
The Final Showdown

The Story Continues:
The party having dealt with the leader of the Goblins decided to check out the Kiris Mansion for signs of any remaining magical artefacts the town was originally fames for.

While searching the lower floors of the mansion the group came across a Frightened Thiefling Warrior who was unable to eat and drink and could not express himself well. When asked he seemed nervous but agreed to join the party as it seemed he was not doing well by himself. He seemed to smile in the right places and when questioned his answers seemed true. But after a short period of rest his motives became unclear and the group decided to part company with him.

Other points of interest in the Mansion included numerous potions and some Collection coin from an abandoned Church.

With the Slaying stone in hand and a bunch of new potions the party set off for Treonas house. On the way movement was spotted in the light undergrowth bordering the road which skirts the town centre. Cleitus investigated it and the party were ambushed by a large band of Orc Mercenary’s. Surprise was not with the Orcs as Cleitus had pre warned the group of their position. That said the size of the Orcs did spell trouble.
With a guttural snarl the Orc Leader Vox launched himself at the group, supported by an Orc Slasher two Orc Bludgeoners and an Orc Wolf Shaman.
The fight lasted a full five minutes with the party emerging victorious. The leader of the Orcs had gone down quickly which had disheartened the others. The Wolf Shaman was the only one who caused trouble with his Ghost Wolf attack and forked lightning.
After the attack the party searched for any evidence of their contract which they found in the form of a Letter instructing the Orcs to recover the slaying stone. It was written by a man called Dreus Martrand. The note described the adventurers and also the stone. It told the Orcs to retrieve it at all cost but not to antagonise the locals to much.

With this evidence the party now knows the person responsible for both the Attack on Kiris Dahn and the employer of the Orcs.

Its time we head back to see Treona” Vol exclaimed and the group began the half day journey to her Tower.

The Journey was uneventful with the party arriving just before sundown. Everyone was tired but Treona’s hearty welcome gave the group renewed energy. She expressed how thankful she was at the return of the stone and how much she had worried about the group’s safety. Kiris Alkirk agreed with her and they both laid on a feast to remember. After the meal and a few drinks, Tagar IronShield shoed Treona the Expensive manuscript and asked if she could translate it or at least confirm its authenticity. Treona appologised saying her knowledge of ancient Goblin left a lot to be desired. She did say that an old Friend of her’s in Cumry may be able to help. The party were instructed to seek out Arcanist Crowther who is an ex resident of Kiris Dahn once a great scholar in the town now retired. She offered the party her seal and said he may be a bit grumpy. Kiris Alkirk then added that the text of the Manuscript looked legit but only a language expert will be able to say for sure. He also made a comment about Dreus Matrand, he told the party he was an ex resident of Kris who was thrown out of town because of his dealing with the Goblins, he was last known to be involved with the Orcs of Stonefang Pass somewhere in Khorvaire. He is the most likely suspect for the invasion and the theft of the stone could have been catastrophic for the leaders of any human settlement he decided to invade.
The Next day Treona offered to train someone in two Rituals for free as he specialised knowledge of ritual casting allowed her to build up a good knowledge in a wide range of rituals. Tordek the Cleric being the only ritual caster in the group selected Water Walk and Gentle Repose rituals to learn. The party rested for the morning and set off for Cumry the same afternoon.

The Journey to Cumry was difficult, the party had no map and only one person remembered the route. So with a few mishaps here and there the group set a reasonably straight course for the town. On the way the group did find time for a little bit of Kobold slaughter when two Alchemist Kobolds who had trapped their basement workshop attacked the party. Unfortunately for them after a week of solid combat the party had both physical and mental skill enough to deal with their orbital trinkets, and fire breathing antics.

Following this small skirmish the party made good progress and arrived in Cumry the next morning. After short visit to the local Temple to Palor with Tordek the party set to the task of buying and selling their loot. The group sold all their items for 529gp adding to their existing 872gp and purchased additional items totalling 1367gp leaving a balance of 34gp and some silver.

  • +1 Holy Symbol
  • +1 Cobra Strike Ki-Focus
  • Various Reagents for Rituals
  • 5 Potions of Healing
  • 20 Rations of Food

The party also engaged some local kids and informed them who they were and what they had been doing. The kids amazed by the party’s story ran off with a few silvers in their pockets. The party then looked to confirm information about the ware bouts of Arcanist Crowther with the Town Crier. His information cost a few silvers but did confirm the location the kids have given earlier. Time ticking on the party left for the Old Watermill on the outskirts of town.

The location of the watermill took the group past a common town location, the well, unfortunately for Cleitus an ex girlfriend of his was filling her buckets there at the time and his stealth check to avoid her was simply not good enough as he stumbled over his own cape and fell sprawling into the road in front of her! _"Cleitus you swine! where have you been she cried? “Not far dearest”! _Cleitus sheepishly answered “Well its time we sorted out a few ground rules to our relationship” she shouted “Pissing off for a week without so much as a buy your leave, is no foundation for a future marriage”and with a quick slap she dragged Cleitus off to her home for what can only be described in polite company as corrective punishment. The rest of the party continued on to the Arcanists House.

When they arrived they found the house occupied but no one answered the door. Only buy showing Treonas Seal did the group elicit any response from the Arcanist. He ushered the party into his home, an old watermill converted into a book museum with toms from far and wide adorning the shelves. The party introduced themselves and explained what had led them here. They showed the man the Ancient Book and hand written manuscript found in the Goblin Town and explained what Treona had said about its authenticity. Crowther then spent two full hours looking at the book, reading the manuscript and referencing an ancient text he had removed from his shelf earlier. Finally his face showed signs of excitement and a youthful glow had come across his features. “This could be legitimate but I am also not sure” he explained “The text looks like ancient Goblin or Hobgoblin, from a time long past”. “It seems to be written in a variant of Goblin not now seen and only hinted at in my book on the subject”. He then suggests to the party they travel to a large city on the continent of Khorvaire called Sharn of the City of Towers! it will be a long journey but one that may lead to a great discovery should the text be true. His instruction are to travel to Seawatch Port down the river from Cumry then get a ship to Sharn from there. Sharn sits at the head of the Dagger River in a area called Breland. When they get there he told the party to look for another ex resident of Kiris Dahn called Arcanist Solnyn he has access to the University in Sharn and its wealth of research material on the subject.

Session 15
Bug Hunt!

After resting up following the journey to Cumry and discussion with Arcanist Crowther, the party met up with Cleitus again and looked for a River boat captain to ferry them to Cumry.

A short search proved fruitful and a small transport ship was boarded for the journey.

After two uneventful days the party arrived in Seawatch, a small port to the north part of the island complex which acts as the main trade route to the continent of Khorvaire.

Some time later the party had a name of a Capitan McAndrew who sails the sea taking cargo from the Northlands to Sharn the City of Towers. After a short search and a bit of bluffing the party met with McAndrew and his small crew of hard nosed deck hands. One of which showed signs of disease and seemed unsteady on his feet.

The party engaged McAndrew in conversation that went well on the whole and led to an offer of transport to Sharn. The price seemed expensive and Tordek offered to heal the crewman as part of the payment. McAndrew quickly agreed and Tordek took his healing kit out setting to work on the man’s fever. Unfortunately the powders Tordek administered caused the crewman to enter a coma and the loose all sign of life. The stupid crew did not realise the significance of the man condition and with an apology for being able to help and an offer of 10gp for passage the captain agreed to overlook his friends change in circumstance.

The next day the party set off for Sharn.

A weeks travel later and the ship docked in the harbour of Sharn, everyone passed a test for Skinrot disease then left the ship looking for Arcanist Solnyn the man who Crowther recommended as the best authority on Ancient Goblin writings.

As soon as the party reached Sharn they were approached by a Wizard by the name of Fraglock

After some traveling time in Sharn taking in the amazing sights of the towers and streets that give the City of Towers its name the group found Morgraive University where the Scholar teaches, only to be told he was no longer in the employ of the University. His address was handed over though so the party agreed to look elsewhere. As the party were about to leave they were approached by a mysterious looking human with a bald head and magical markings on his face.
M human6
_"Excuse me adventurers but I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation then, am I correct in thinking you also are looking for Arcanist Solnyn?"? “Who is asking” " Tagar responded enquiringly. “Let me introduce myself, my name is Fraglock, I am what may be termed as a Wizard in some circles, a summoner in others and a Mage in yet more”! “I was sent here to Sharn to seek knowledge from my teachers old friend Arcanist Solnyn”. but listening to your conversation I am not going to find him here. I am new to the City, as I believe you are also, so I thought It would be worthwhile tagging along with you to find the Arcanist and get an explanation as to what is going on. My teachings would require me to have access to the University’s resources but if he is no longer in their employ , I am not sure how I will benefit from his acquaintance"!

The party agreed to allow Fraglock to tag along and the group set off for the Arcanist’s residence. The supervisor gave his address in the Middle Dura, a section of the City called Tumbledown.

After tiring trip through the streets and a number of stops to get directions, the group arrived at the Tumbledown district, a tenement area of the city with, catering to low paid workers and older retired citizens. His address was easy to find from the entrance to the district, after a 10 minute walk the party were knocking on his door.

Solnyn opened the door and greeted the party, Treonas Seal was used as proof of the party’s credibility and Fraglock was introduced alongside the party;s other members. Solnyn was at a loss to explain his dismissal from the University but an insight check into his story’s made it clear a relationship with a Student was at the heart of the issue. After he apologizes to everyone for their wasted journey he asked to look at the ancient manuscript and book the party hold, and exclaimed he was surprised such a book could be found outside the Walls of this City, he was not totally sure of its contents but from his experience it looked like the old writings of the Dhakaani, a race of Goblins that built its city on the location of Sharn thousands of years ago.

He stated that the University would be the only place this could be fully examined and that the party would need to impress the Custodians at the University some how, if they wanted to get in and use its extensive reference books. He suggested speaking to an acquaintance of his in the Tain Foundry, a Gruff spoken Dwarf Foreman called Molric Torranol. He has been plagued by so called “Flying Kruthiks” recently and if evidence of them could be found and presented to a representative of the university then they may be able to influence the powers to allow the party in to do some research. With no other means of getting access to the reference material of the University the group decided to give it a try. Fraglock asked thew group if he could join them as his plans for research seem to have taken a sharp turn, leaving him at a bit of a loose end. Everyone agreed and the group set off to the Cogs district to find Molric and inquire about his “Infestation”

After travelling for over two hours and the heat of the lower levels of the city growing ever more uncomfortable everyone was relieved to find the Foundry. After inquiring about the Foreman the group were directed to meet him at the “Slag Pit” Tavern in an hour. The party agreed and made there way there, an hour later and Molric introduced himself and a Hobgoblin Priest by the name of Olaakki. They offered the party a commission to stop the infestation of Kruthiks that had caused both the Foundry and the Hobgoblins Worshipers so much trouble recently. Olaakki told the group he had offered part of the reward money to Molric as his flock were suffering and he had information on the location of the Infestation. After some negotiation they agreed to pay the party 150gp for the destruction of the Hive and the proof it was all over. They both confirmed that Kruthiks with Wings had been spotted in the attacks on both sets of workers and worshipers.

The party were given a map showing the location of the suspected infestation, and a a grateful thanks from both employers. After following the map for an hour the party descended deeper and deeper into the Cogs district of the city, the lowest part that can be accessed without entering the Lava structures that power the great Warforged Furnaces. Once the group arrived at the entrance it was noted that Geometric Symbols could be seen on the walls and a smell of Vinegar could be sensed from the caverns ahead. Walking slowly on everyone was on their guard. The light of the tunnels turned from the yellowy glow of Fraglocks Light Cantrip to the bright light of a series of hovering Motes magically conjured to give the tunnel illumination.

Suddenly the group came to a point in the Tunnel that opened up into a large underground Room, in it they could see dead Kruthik bodies strewn around the floor and Goblin made arrows embedded in their lifeless carcasses. Vinegar small was strong all around when without warning an Adult Kruthik attacked from the west of the room out of a tunnel sprouting from the floor.

A fight then ensued in which Fraglocks Storn Pillar proved too much to handle for the Insects and wave after wave of them dies at the killing ground just before the entrance to the Room.

With the fight over the party await to search the room for clues to the infestation and evidence of the Flying Menace.

Session 22

A Road Well Traveled

The party having found work with the Kings Citadel in Sharn push on to Andev on a wondrous feat of engineering a flying boat.

Still shocked at the apparent motiveless murder of Gydd Nephrett at Morgraive university, everyone cautiously avoided both unwarranted attention aboard the vessel and unnecessary contact with other passengers.

The journey to Andev took 1 uneventful day, the refreshed party now disembarked the ship and began the long arduous journey to the Six kings in pursuit of the Keech Volar.


The journey to six kings will take the party approximately one week, the countryside in this part of Breland is taxing, and everyone feels the effects of the heat and exposure, making endurance checks to keep going at a decent pace.

Day 2 of the journey was particularly tiring and three party members fell foul to exposure and dehydration slowing the party considerably.

Day 3 found the group walking alongside a shallow stream that follows the trade rout for a few kilometers. With Cleitus taking a point position the party approached a group of men interrogating a lone Goblin prisoner. His captors using threats of violence and the occasional punch to extract what information they wanted from their victim.

Not taking any chances as soon as the party were spotted the human members of the Emerald Claw diverted their attention to the party.

The party were clearly too well organised for the fanatic’s, of the Claw and overpowered them quickly in the ensuing brawl. The captive Goblin was released and questioned about his purpose on the road.

After initially denying any contact with or knowledge of the Wordbearers, he finally confessed to being their scout and agreed to lead them forward to meet with the group near the entrance to the Six kings.

The party gathered the Goblins belongings and set off for the rendezvous point.

As the road wound on and on in the heat of the sun the party again made endurance checks to keep themselves hydrated and group walking pace at a decent speed.

To also ensure that cover is used when needed and that camping sites are safe from prying eyes Nature checks were undertaken every other day, with great success. No unwarranted attention either in the day or at night troubled the players.

Four days into the journey, and with no contact on the road the party heard the sound of Battle Horns ahead. Initial suggestions were that raiders from Droaam were operating in the area. Possibly originating from the Minotaur stronghold of Turakbar’s Fist near Greywall.

Later that day, while Cleitus was scouting ahead the group were alerted to the presence of a Gnoll hiding in ambush on top of a rocky outcropping. On further investigation by the Assassin a group of other creatures could be seen moving round a campfire further up the trail.

Acting on Cleitus’s information the party sprung their own trap and engaged the bandits before they had time to organize, gaining a round of surprise in the process.

The Gnoll scout was dispatched by Cleitus who used a shadow power to lasso the Gnoll, choke him and drag him to his death at the base of his rocky lookout. The rest of the party then moved into attack positions along the road some way. The Warrior in the part advanced first but was surprised by two Orc marauders who sprung from cover to flank him. His defenses working on to some extent as the crazed creatures rained blow after blow to him bringing his close to unconsciousness on two occasions.

The rest of the group then engaged a spell-caster who had targeted Fraglock. Frags skin was lashed with pain from a necrotic spell that cursed and writhed under the surface of his flesh, round after round causing internal bleeding and damage to his coronary system. Fraglocks response was limited , as a controller his powers are more to annoy the enemy rather than devastate an individual foe. Once Frag did get his burning Orb into combat this started to change for the better, as the ongoing proximity damage of the flaming sphere did begin to cause the ambushers cause for concern.

Todeks involvement in the fight was noticeably less than in his presence when undead are around. Is attacks were missing and his support was really only in the form of healing. That alone though helped Tagar stay in the fight on more than one occasion. Tordeks final embarrassment though came with a fumble in the face of adversity!

Cleitus controlled his urge to kill by stealthily moving into battle were his attacks caused most damage and felled a further Gnoll with a well placed blow from his magical greatsword.

Vol the Warlock did what he normal does and build damage constantly from afar, cursing his foes and Rebuking them with fire, moving in and out of the material plane with his ethereal stride and making himself difficult to catch.

The battle ended with the party chasing off the last Orc who was dispatched in the back with a clever xbow shot by Cleitus who surprised himself with his own accuracy. Looking round after for praise by the group Cleitus noticed the absence of the Goblin scout.

Session 23
And the road goes ever on

Seekers of the Ashen Crown

23-08-11 Game Session Notes

1) Start Time:

Following the fight with the Minotaur the day started at 12:30pm It took a further 20 minutes to search the area and take a short rest so at 13:00pm the part set off along the trade road again.

2) The Goblin Scout:

Once the fight with he Bandits was over the Goblin scout was no where to be seen. It was felt he had most probably headed back to warn the Wordbearers of the part’s movements

3) Skill challenge:

Two skill challenge test’s were made to check the party’s ability to endure the hot conditions, and find suitable water and sleeping location for the nights rest. The party failed more times than it succeeded in the endurance test, and therefore failed one of the checks, this gives the party 3 passes and two failures. It then passed the Nature test bringing it up to four passes and two failure. One more failure will end in a failed challenge or two more passes will complete it.

4) Movement in the Woods:

While the party rested a large black shape was seen moving through the area but it did not seem to be interested in the camp. Could have been a close shave?

5) Food:

Four Daily rations should be deducted from the party total.

6) Daily Magic Item usage:

The limit of one daily magic item usage has been lifted in favour of a Cap on the number of certain quality items a PC should be allowed:

Rare = 1 item per character per Tier can only be found, not bought or made
Uncommon = 50% of a characters items could be uncommon, found only purchase is very difficult.
Common = the rest, purchasable and PC can own any amount

7) Cautious advance:

Next morning the party set out early, Cleitus took up a scouting position at the head of the party and moved on in shade form. His careful approach paid off when following tracks into a wooded copse, he glimpsed sight of a planned ambush ahead. Unfortunately his luck then ran out and accidentally stepping on a partridge nest he alerted the Emerald Claw to his presence. He then tried to move slowly back into the cover of the woods, only to stumble into a rabbit hole and fall prone for a turn. This gave the element of surprise away.

8) Emerald Claw Ambush:

The rest of the party moved to the edge of the woods and a encounter between an Emerald Claw unit and the party commenced. The party took up good positions and controlled the fight well.

a. Cleitus recovered from his gaff and engaged the claw using stealth & cunning. His attacks were well placed apart from Darkfire which missed again! He engaged some Claw soldiers then focused his attention on a Caster who cautiously stood at the back. His position was compromised at one point when the caster pulled him and Tordek forward with a spell that dragged them towards it hypnotic centre. Eventually he joined the Flaming Conjuration of Fraglock, and defeated the Caster.
b. Tagar again took some hits but his invigoration and timely intervention by Tordek kept his life in reasonable condition. The main leader in this fight was a Captain Warwick who seemed to bark order out to his men that both inspired and invigorated them at the same time. Tagar’s reaction to this was to mark and control his movement. Only after Captain Warwick has goaded Tagar into an attack of opportunity that led to an immediate interrupt that punished Tagar for his opportunism.
c. Tordek closed on the enemy this fight and provided a mix of both reasonable damage and good healing at the right time. His use of the Daily power Shield of faith saved more than a few people from much worse damage.
d. Fraglock took up a good position at the back of the group and summoned his Flaming Peanut of Fiery Wrath! Only to be dealt two massive blows from well placed Xbow bolts (2 x Crits 24 Damage) in one turn. This did not deter the magician who shrugged off such piffling flesh wounds and continued to move his conjuration from from creature to creature consistently burning them for staying to close. Unfortunately his dice rolling created a zone of despair around him leaving his friends moaning and praying for the return of card games! With no dice!
e. Vol found himself in a great position in this fight, his distance from the front lines allowed him the opportunity to pick and choose his foes. Cursing his enemy’s he brought fiery destruction down on each of his targets. Most attacks were successful, his Cloud of flies disrupting the Captain and causing him to offer combat advantage to all. His consistent damage provided the firepower the group needed to keep the large party of ambushers under constant attack.

Eventually the group emerged victors after chasing down the last fleeing skirmisher who had been using a Tree as cover. Searching the bodes took a further 10 minutes in which time the following items were found:

• Healing Potion
• Astral Fire Armour
Astral armour
• 5 x Alchemists acid
• 30Gp
• 6 × 25gp Gems

Comments made by Captain Warwick throughout the fight seemed to point towards his motivation for the confrontation being Ashurtas Blade, as he made constant reference to wanting it.

It Seems like he has been tipped off as to the party’s recent acquisition, and had made his mind up to steal the blade from the group. A fatal mistake that others may make in the future but who knows for sure.

Towards the end of the fight Goblin faces were seen in the woods watching the fight but soon disappeared once the contest was over and the onlookers spotted they had been seen. Who could they be? their markings were different to the last Goblin the party encountered.

9) Experience:

The party received 397XP for this encounter, 50 per higher level 197 for Fraglock. I need to make a note on the file, of the new party total

10) Party Gold:

I need to do a new total

11) Action Points:

Fraglock, Tordek, and Vol used their action points.

12) Plot Update:

The Quest for the pieces of the Ashen Crown continues, the party close on the Tombs of the Six Kings, the Goblin captive seems to have escaped to alert the [[|Wordbearers]], but was handled with caution and care so should not give too bad an account. The question is how will the Keech Volar react to the return of the scout? Captain Kales demanded the party come up with a story that will allow the group to join with the Wordbearers without giving away their mission for Breland, hopeful the Goblin will not scupper the groups plans. Can Tikulti the Kings Citadel spy sway the opinion of the Wordbearers enough to support the party’s attempt to join forces. After all its in everyone’s interest to see the Wordbearer Clan leading the Goblin nation on Khorvaire in the future, following the great war the people of the five nations would find it difficult mustering the strength to deal with a new threat from an organised motivated race of Goblinoids, Orcs, Hobgoblins and Half breads if the Bladebearers were to win the grasp for power.

It seems that Demise (Her Skullbourne Name) the Aereni Elf Noble woman has more contacts than first thought, with groups of the Emerald Claw working alongside her (as word on the street previously alluded to), either directly doing her bidding or working towards their leaders own goals how far does her reach extend? Moreover what are her future plans and who will be set against the party next to acquire their converted treasure?

13) Weather:

The time of year is making travel in the open on foot an endurance test, if the party had to fight more than once in a day suffering from failed endurance rolls it could make the encounter more difficult than is should be. Possibly look at mounts for future long distance travel.

14) End of the Session:

The session ended with the party taking a short rest at 20:30 following a long day on the march and a tiring fight with the Emerald Claw.

15) Quests: The party are on the following quests

Quest XP: 150 XP (minor quest) if the characters ally with the Kech Volaar.

Quest XP: 875 XP (major quest) if the adventurers acquire all the pieces of the Ashen Crown.


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