Khorvaire is the primary continent of the world of Eberron.

Khorvaire is found in Eberron’s northern hemisphere. It is bounded by the Bitter Sea to the north, the Lhazaar Sea to the east, the Barren Sea to the west and the Thunder Sea to the south.
The landscape of Khorvaire varies greatly, from wastelands and forbidding mountains in the north to deserts and jungles in the south, with everything in between.

Nations and Regions

Khorvaire is a large continent with many nations and autonomous regions. The borders of many of these areas are disputed, despite having been determined in the Treaty of Thronehold. The major nations and regions of Khorvaire are:

  • Aundair
  • Breland
  • Darguun
  • The Demon Wastes
  • Droaam
  • The Eldeen Reaches
  • Karrnath
  • The Lhazaar


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