The Northlands is an area of fertile land containing a mixture of both arable countryside, rich in produce, and barren desert, full of mystery and rumor.

200 years ago the area was not so peaceful, many races fought for control of its valuable land. Human bandits roamed the coutryside looking for traveling folk to rape and pillage, Elven legions marched on the Pelgar Strongold in the North East , and Dwarven Furnace master forged weapons for all sides.

Worst of all factions fighting for overall control of the area were the Forces of the Necromancer Sho-Lotan. His forces consisted of mercenary’s recruited from any race with an evil disposition. Most feared of legions were the Undead Generals that seemed to command vast armies of Humanoid soldiers.

The land was nearly overrun by the Necromancers forces until the timely intervention of the Saintly warriors only known as the Silver Circle. Their forces, who until then had been conspicuous by their absence, fell on Cragspire, the stronghold of the Necromancer Sho-Lotan, located in the now called Dead Plains, and laid waste to his Daemonic court. In so doing they severed his link to the forces he commanded and the troops who until them seemed invincible, now showed they were but mortal, in fact they were so mortal their own self preservation seemed to overwhelm their ability in battle and army after army were routed by what amounted to lesser forces which strong hearts.


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